Best VPN Routers of 2018

We all live in the world of internets. By internet, we mean insecurities hackers and illegal actions. People started to adopt the new type of routers called the VPN Routers which ensures more security where your data are kept safer.

VPN Routers

What are VPN Routers?

before buying the best VPN Routers, first, you should know what VPNs are. VPNs are abbreviations of virtual private networks. These are the routers where users access a private network and share their information and data on the internet. VPNs routers protect the information that you are providing on the internet.

Why choosing VPN over other routers?

VPN Routers are the best routers for your choice. It has got the features what we all look for in our pocket-pinch budget. We live in tech-oriented days, it is pretty obvious to have more than one devices in our home or in our businesses. Installing it separately would be a tiring task.

-VPN gives us the best opportunity, as we don’t have to install it on each device. VPN Routers are connected with all devices.

-Setting up VPN Routers are simpler and easier. It takes less effort and thus more preferred.

-More security and promising router.

-Works with all type of platform that is all type of operating system.

-No hassle with connection with VPN router.

VPN Routers

Best VPN Routers of 2018

Don’t know which VPN router to buy? Don’t worry we will guide you the best VPN Routers that will make you allured. Here I am enlisting top 6 VPN Routers in 2018 for more security and safety.

1. ASUS RT AC5300:

this router has impressed a lot of users. it has a wide range of connection. it has 8 antennas with speeding wireless signals. It supports 512MB with 1.6ghz dual core processor. The connection is good and fast.

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000:

it is the cheapest VPN router that one can afford with best connection and security. It supports 256MB of RAM with 1GHZ dual-core processor.

3. D-Link AC5300:

this router offers the high speed that one can ever think of as security. the price is little high but provides ultra security.


It is a good router with an affordable price. it has a RAM of 64MB and supports USB 2.0. this wifi is cheaper and affordable and easily available in the market.


the Linksys has advanced security in their routers. With RAM 512MB with a power of 1.6GHz dual-core processor. it is widely been used and adopted due to its wide range and flexibility.


the express VPN Routers are the father of all the routers. it has 4 external ports that are the antennas. Consisting of RAM: 512 MB with CPU 1.6GHZ dual core. Also, the built-in firewall works like a monster.


Here are the top 6 VPN Routers of 2018 that I have mentioned, each having best features. From affordable price to a powerful beast router. Hope, you have found the article useful and helped you to choose the best one for your business.

If anything you want to know or share with us, do let us know in our comment box below. We will surely assist you with more information.