4 Tips For Promoting Your Blogs On Social Media Marketing

If you are writing blogs with high-quality content, but not able to get all the rewards with the content marketing you are applying, then you are doing it wrong. You should change the marketing strategy you are using.

In the case of promoting blogs, doing it through paid ads do not make very good sense. Promoting your blogs on social media marketing is the best option. This is easy and free. 

So, now the question arises, “how to promote your blog on social media?”. In this article, we will discuss this topic. 

Steps For How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media?

Here, we will discuss the best strategies to promote your blogs on social media. These strategies will help you to a great extent:

Interesting Content

It is not a direct method of social media marketing, but it is the first step towards the success of your content. If you want that your audience will share your content, then you have to first make them like it. 

So, the content you are writing has to be useful and intriguing and should contain rare information which they will not find anywhere. However, if they do find it somewhere else, your way of presenting the content be so intriguing, that they will prefer your blog over any other blog. 

Besides the content of your blog, you can also make the readers intrigued by your title and the images used in your blogs.

Catchy Titles

To make your titles catchy, you have to use the appropriate tone. A change of tone makes a lot of difference in attracting the attention of a customer. Let’s take two examples- “10 Things You Must Ask Your SEO Agency”, “10 Things Your SEO Agency is Not Telling You”. Among these two, the latter sounds more intriguing than the previous one. 

Your customers may have subscribed to other sites related to the same subject as yours. When they will get notifications in their inbox, your catchy title can help you to be visible in the crowd. 

Interesting Images

By using images that are unique and interesting, you will be making your customers more interested in sharing your content. You have to use good quality images and those which are relevant to your blog. 

Intriguing images will also attract other audiences to your blogs. This will make them potential customers. 

Include Social Media Within Your Blog

You can reduce the distance between your blog and famous social media sites. The people visiting our blog will look for a way to share your blog on social media. This will only be possible if you integrate social media elements within your site.

You can show these elements in the form of buttons for social media, through which they can access your blog. To share your content on social media, you have to incorporate a sharing button. Also, a login button for the users to leave comments regarding your blog. 

Some people use 6-7 buttons for social media. This is only worthwhile if you have a large enough social media audience. By making your blog crowded with social media buttons, you will be annoying your readers. This will then affect the number of shares you will be getting. Also, if you incorporate too many widgets, it may lead to slowing down the loading of your page. 

Share Your Blog

You can go to the readers if you see that they are not coming to you. For that, you have to share your blog on all the social media platforms. As this is not that complicated idea, you can follow some things to make it more effective:

Consistent Posting

To get a good result, you should try to be consistent with your posting of the blogs. Being inconsistent will put a bad image of you for the readers. For being consistent, you can take the help of some scheduling tools. 

Using Of WordPress For Posting

WordPress has a feature of automation. This will allow WordPress to post freshly written blogs on social media. By doing this you will not have to do extra work for posting the blog. 

Posting Your Blog at the Best Time

At the time of posting your blog on Twitter, you can check for the most suitable time for posting with the help of the tool called “Tweroid”. It is the best tool for twitter marketing available in the market. 

If you are posting on Facebook, you can check the best time for posting with the help of “Facebook Insight”, their own analytics tool. 

Make Your Blog Post Visually Appealing

Making your blog visually appealing is one of the best strategies to attract readers. At the time of posting your blog, you can write something describing the blog in your own words. This will make the readers interested in going through your blog. 

You must also include photos in the blog as many of the social media platforms shows images along with the thumbnail. 

In Facebook, the image is automatically chosen for the thumbnail, but you get the option to choose a different image to show in the thumbnail. 

Build Connections With Other Bloggers

You must always know about other bloggers in your field. Here are some tips on how to use this information to promote your blog:

Stay Connected With Their Work

After knowing about other bloggers in your field of blogging, you can read their blogs and share them on social media. While posting always give “@” followed by the social media handle of the blogger. Also, remember to comment on their blog. This will let them know who is commenting on their blog. The blogger can then possibly return the favor by sharing one of your blogs and comment on it as well.

Make List of The Experts

Know about the best 10 bloggers, who also write blogs on the same subject as you. You can give a link back to them when you are posting a blog. They will most definitely appreciate this and they can mention it in their next posts on social media.

You can also do this for those experts who dont write blogs. They will most probably share your blog on their social media profile to show their appreciation for you.

Guest Blogging

You can invite different bloggers within your subject of blogging to guest write for you. Additionally, you can offer to guest write for them in return. This will help you to get links from other bloggers and a good opportunity of your blogs being posted on their social media platforms.


I hope that from the article you were able to get the answer to the question “how to promote your blog on social media?”. So, by following these tips you will be able to do very well in promoting your blogs on social media marketing. You will see a huge increase in the number of readers and customers.