Plan your Infographic Strategy and Buildup Your Digital Marketing Team

Digital has completely changed marketing. In the matter of processes, outreach, and strategies, the digital medium has generated new favorable outcomes and challenges. Thus resulting in the marketing department as a hub of activity. 

Starting from lead generation to managing community and customer value. Marketers are now engaged in influencing customers at various stages of the funnel. No task is easy even for the most advanced teams. 

If you wish to expand your business successfully and make your survival for sure in the upcoming years at the hypercompetitive nature of companies. Digital marketing is a strong and powerful tool which will help you to grab and engage the audience and base of the consumer. Furthermore, it will enable you to take your business to the top level.

After my hours of research from studying from a few best world’s marketing sources, I would like to draw your attention towards my advice on structuring properly your digital team. 

Some Critical Roles in a Digital Marketing Team

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Creative Director/ Graphic Designer
  • Front-And Back-End web Developers
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • SEO Manager
  • Search Advertising Specialist
  • Display Advertising Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Writer
  • Email Marketing 
  • Content Marketing Specialist

Ways to Structure Your Digital Marketing Team

A data strategy can help you in structuring by bringing your teams into the trendy digital world. Data is the new means that creates growth and insights.  ‌ Open and easy access to data can help data-savvy groups and teams. The below-mentioned steps will ease you in structuring your Digital Marketing Team. 

Centralized Means of Excellence

The digital team is responsible for creating and documenting all processes and rules. This structure is considered to be perfect for enterprises that cannot support every department an analytics team.


Analysts are assigned at different teams, locations or divisions for gaining a better knowledge of a team’s first concern and processes. This provides every team with more flexibility, run tests and performs tactical changes when needed.

Hub and Spoke

A center creates rules, guidelines, tools and it is represented by analysts to the central group. This structure motivates coordination between central management and divisions along with empowering local teams.

Core Areas of Digital Marketing to Focus On 

To have an effective digital marketing system you need to look into some crucial points. Some of the vital disciplines that you should focus on for your team are listed below:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Focus on ranking your webpages higher on search engines naturally. One best example is the initial search result involving an advertising tag is a great job performed by the search ad department.

Marketing of Content

This team concentrates in creating informative, useful, and significant content to reach out to your audience. This helps in establishing authority and a good source for genuine customer’s requirements.

Marketing of Social Media

This section permits you to form useful and genuine relationships and communications with your dependable followers and new ones to go through your site. The language here is more informal and personal than other sections.

Display Advertisement

Achieve mastery in visual striking advertisements by carefully placing on search engines and applications for social media for increasing brand exposure.

Email Marketing

In this channel, you can do interactions with your existing users by allowing them offers or updates regarding your brand. Also, it is helpful for exclusive promos and abandons cart emails to the customer.

Mobile Marketing

SMS updates regarding flash sales, events, discounts, offers for your valuable customers. Excel in a short and catchy topic with quick messaging.

Small Organizations should Hire Marketer Too

If you own small business without a team of digital marketing, now it is high time for you to fill up those gaps. But be careful as digital marketers’ turnover is higher than traditional employees. You need to be smart enough in the hiring process to reduce turnover.

Things you Need to Look Into for Your Digital Marketing Team Structure   

  • You need to check for content creation experience such as blogging, experience of corporate content creation, agency, etc.
  • You need not have advanced‌ ‌analytics skills. ‌ ‌Basic working knowledge of Excel, Hubspot experience, and Google Analytics would be a great job.
  • The team requires to be digitally literate. They should have knowledge of the internet, social media platforms. Also, they should be able to operate it on their own.
  • Campaign management is also another tool you need to look at. Try to find someone having basic skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, or other programs related to graphics. You should aim to find an ideal person who is capable of running campaigns across various channels.

If you can find all the above-stated qualifications, you will be heading towards creating an efficient digital marketing team.  

Ending Note

In today’s word, you need to prioritize more of your online efforts just like offline efforts. Very soon you might find it necessary to migrate all your business mechanisms using automation tools.

The team structuring process is painstaking. But, the outcomes will turn out to be massive. Although, you might come across with many trial and error. But it is not something that cannot be fixed when you have a clearly stated purpose and intentions.