How to boost your Email Marketing Conversion Rate: 5 Unique Ways

Flowing through 2019, it seems that the entire world is online and the online world has become a very important part of everyday life. Today, most of the people depend on digital platforms for communication. Entertainment, information and there other importance of Digital Media.

Millions of Organisation run advertisements through the help of Digital marketing and it brings greater outcomes. A researched estimate from Forrester suggests that marketers and businessmen are going to spend more than $146 Million in Digital Marketing by the end of 2021.

Digital Marketing is a huge world and it has several different strategies, tools, and platforms. Combining different marketing methods could form a heavy strategy to keep generating revenue. And Email Marketing is an integral and core part of Digital Marketing.

We will discuss the importance of Email marketing and how to maximize your Email marketing conversion in 5 unique methods.

Before that, let’s know the importance of Email Marketing.

What are the advantages of Email Marketing?

There are several marketing tactics and strategies when it comes to Digital Marketing, but Email marketing is the most crucial one. It can bring great Return On Investment (ROI)compared to other digital marketing channels.

A Few Stats and Facts to help you understand the importance of Email

  • Email marketing reaches the highest conversion rate of 66 percent, which beats other potential marketing channels like social media marketing and direct mail approaches.
  • When it comes to acquiring new customers, Email marketing shows 40 times more effectiveness leaving behind social marketing podia like Twitter and Facebook. 
  • If a message is sent via mail, Facebook or via general message, people by 5 times more are more likely to read the email message.
  • More than 70 percent of people prefer Promotion via Email whereas 17 percent like promotion via social media Like Facebook.

Let’s roll on to know more how Email marketing has contributed most to Digital Marketing.

5 Unique Ways to Boost Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Email marketing generates up to $40 for every dollar spent, this is the reason most of the marketers and Businessmen focus more on Email marketing than other marketing channels.

But you have to know the art behind Email marketing. Just writing a good mail won’t help boost your conversion rates, you might have to improve the approach and the way you run your campaigns.

Pursue the 5 latest way to boost your Email Conversion Rate

1. Make sure your email campaigns are Optimised for Mobile

A study says, most people read their email via mobile devices than on any other type of device.

This is not a trend, this is going to continue because our attachment to Mobile is something that stays all through the day. This is the reason Mobile optimization keeps crucial importance and can get better recognition.

Go through the lines to accomplish superb Mobile optimization for email campaigns
  • Start by creating a Subject line that properly fits the display of a smartphone. (25-35 characters)
  • Make a single column layout which is very important.
  • Try splitting up the texts in an organized manner and make good use of the white space so that readers can easily go through the content.
  • Large fonts are better for better visibility and readability, so don’t go for short fonts or those which can’t be read easily.
  • You have to make sure that the important links you put should be easily clickable and visible to the readers.
  • Create bold CTA buttons and make it bulletproof by using HTML codes instead of an Image.
  • Remember the image you put can take longer load time, so optimize the size of your image to reduce the loading speed.

You never know beforehand if this will work or not, so create a demo campaign and run tests to check if it is working and what changes it would need.

2. Create segmentation for better understanding and readability

Another important factor is segmenting your email lists perfectly to avoid conversion loss. The quality of your email lists decides your open rates. So we have compiled a few factors which determine the potential of email lists.

  • Characteristics or quality of your subscribers matters.
  • Monitoring your list constantly, remove the inactive subscribers and add more who are likely to remain active.
  • Focus on attracting high potential subscribers who are more likely to convert later.
  • There are some criteria by which you should decide to segment your mailing list and those are Subscriber Behavior, Demographics, Preferences and Subscribers email data.

Segmenting your email list efficiently would help you to personalize email campaigns in a better way. Segmentation is all about knowing your subscriber’s behavior and understanding them.

3. Setup Automated Campaigning and Behavioral Trigger

Behavior triggered is used or sent to answer to an action made by a subscriber. These could be extremely efficient and helpful in staying ahead of the curve. You can use this feature for better conversion rates because these auto-response help Subscribers understand that they are important to you.

An automated email is required for the given set of events or actions
  • While viewing a page or downloading content.
  • Welcome email for blog subscription
  • Welcome email for a potential subscriber turned a customer
  • Visits and Forms submissions
  • Top-of-the funnel conversion events.
  • Response to inactive subscribers after a certain period
  • Past purchase mail and Upcoming purchase gesture

There are several instances where automated campaigns and mail could be beneficial for you. But before targeting you need to make sure the campaigns you run should be relevant to the subscribers. Try examining this feature, so that it becomes smooth for you in the future.

4. Make use of Double Opt-in

Double opt-in is a brilliant way to create further engagement. It is just the technique of asking users to confirm if they have signed up for a newsletter by clicking on a confirmation link via mail. Double Opt-in can reduce mail delivery to the wrong recipient.

Further advantages of Double opt-in
  1. Double opt-in will guide you to avoid spam content and folders.
  2. Brings in high-quality subscriber
  3. Recipients are more likely to engage with your emails by double opt-in
  4. You can use it for marketing purposes and can create special offers to turn subscribers into customers.

You can directly speak to your recipient immediately after someone has signed up by introducing yourself in the opt-in email.

5. Put dynamic and effective Preview Text to engage

This is also a very important factor because according to Litmus more than 24 percent of people generally look first at the preview text before entering an email. Preview Text can give an overview of the email you are sending. If you want your subscriber to know more about your mail via Preview Text you can go through the following.

How can Preview Text be used with efficiency
  • Create an outline of the mail
  • Introduce a second subject line 
  • You can also add a call to action(CTA)

Most of the recipients in Gmail and Apple email have support to preview text, so this is a great opportunity to boost your email marketing conversion.

Summing Up

Boosting your Email marketing conversation by following the process explained above. These strategies absolutely make sure that your email campaigns are perfectly optimized for great conversion while it values the customer at the same time.