How you can become a Master/Expert in Digital Marketing?

Companies nowadays are shifting their marketing and budgets to a digital platform. In recent times 4 out of 10 companies are demanding employees with a piece of profound knowledge in Digital Marketing and the demand for the subject is increasing day by day. 

Expert in Digital Marketing has become a must thing for the freshers who are thinking about starting a career in digital marketing. Several studies around the globe are stating that digital marketing jobs are growing exponentially with the course of time. SEO (Search Engine Operator) jobs showed a growth of 43% in the last two years ( from 2017 to 2019).

I am writing this blog for those freshers or students out there who are thinking of making Digital Marketing as a career option. There are several questions around the Internet centering Digital Marketing which needs to be clarified. But before starting the blog topic I want to give you some knowledge about what Digital Marketing is and why should you consider Digital Marketing as a career option.

What is Digital Marketing?

The term Digital Marketing was first coined by a guy named Guglielmo Marconi about 100 years ago. He is the guy who invented the radio and transmission via wireless signals. Anyway, let’s get to the point.

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing products and services provided by any organization using a digital platform mainly the Internet and via many other ways. Since the concept came into grasp, Digital Marketing has changed the way companies and business use technology for marketing. There are various methods of marketing digitally like, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Influencer Marketing, etc.

People nowadays are getting more reliable with digital marketing procedures like, now people prefer the digital platform to shop and marketing rather than going to the store, e-books are getting more preference than physical hard copies, etc. 

But all these are happening because companies are applying strategies to grow their business and to reach to more customers. If you are getting impressed by the concept of Digital Marketing and thinking about starting a business on your own then hang on and read this blog till the end as you will also get to know the strategies you should apply to become a master in Digital Marketing.

What are the Ways to Expert in Digital Marketing

Here in this section, you will get to know the ins and outs of Digital Marketing and what you should find success in a career in digital marketing. Hope that you will find my points useful.

1. Be hungry to learn:

Digital Marketing is a competitive platform which is growing very rapidly. There is a lot to learn in this subject as it is changing with the course of time as new creative and innovative ideas growing to center the subject. It is for business to differentiate the candidates who want to learn and those who are just riding along.

Therefore you have to be passionate enough before getting into the industry and you must have an eagerness to learn new things.

2. Always try to Stay up to Date:

Digital Marketing is a wild ride. You have to be always at the top of the industry news. It is recommended to follow the major digital marketing sites and influential people who are already making an impact on the digital marketing platform.

The subject is an ever-changing platform. Major players like Google, Facebook, Twitter regularly post their paid ads and algorithms on the Internet. There are several websites available in which you will find blogs and tools which may be very useful to you. Go check those out and thank me later.

3. Building a Strong Network:

There is an old saying that, “more you surround yourself with people more talented than yourself more you grow”. And yes the statement is very much true because I can tell from my own experience that whenever I meet people with more talents and higher thinking, I found new opportunities that I might not have found otherwise.

In a platform like Digital Marketing, it is very much important that you interact with more people socialize more. There are several ways you can build a strong network like,

  • Attend industry meetups.
  • Visit workshops and seminars and presentations.
  • Interact with other digital marketers and try to enhance your skills.  

4. Ideas are Bullet Proof:

Always use the power of your own ideas rather than adopting concepts from industry leaders. Everything is not black and white in Digital Marketing. Sometimes the grey sections become the reason for success. 

Every Digital Marketer should have their own ideas to implement. You never know what innovation your idea can bring in this platform. 

5. Create your own Brand:

Always try to present yourself as an expert in digital marketing or a digital marketing guru or hotshot. If you are offering an employee that you can build their company’s visibility then you should have your own brand.

Presenting yourself is the most important attribute you should care about before getting into this business. You have to be potentially strong and you should have a clear vision of you are doing. Presence makes a huge difference between two candidates applying for the same position.

6. T-shaped Strategy:

The T-shaped strategy or marketer term refers to acquiring basic knowledge in multiple marketing disciplines but have a specialization skill in one-two particular fields. 

These types of strategies are very useful for people who are new to the digital marketing industry. Companies these days want candidates with a wide knowledge of digital marketing and valuable skills. 

This strategy will also help you to get equipped with better knowledge for choosing a specific subject to focus and in which you can specialize in.

7. Be Technical:

Looking from the outside you can say that Digital Marketing is quite glamorous and trendy but the dark truth is, it is rather more technical and data-driven. Here you won’t be developing websites or designing them but you will need to share your marketing strategies with a group of people sharing the same interest.

It is everywhere recommended that you should have a basic knowledge of HTML, and graphic designing because these skills will help you to stand among the crowd with technical knowledge.

8. Choose an Area of Specialization:

If you feel you have gathered enough knowledge about the ins and outs of Digital Marketing Industry then its time for you choose a specialization. The subject of digital marketing covers a huge area of study but there are 4 learning paths in which you can choose your specialization.

  • SEO Specialist
  • PPC Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Surf the Internet and you will find more information about these four points. These four specializations are on the heat list of the Digital Market platform and also for those who are seeking for Digital Marketing Jobs. 


Now you guys have a rough idea about what Digital Marketing is and what attributes you need to focus on in order to expert in digital marketing. I hope that after reading the blog you find answers to your questions. Though there are several questions still out there.

Getting into the digital marketing industry is not that complex but it is not so easy also. You should have a strong motive of what you are doing and why you are doing that for. As the demand of digital marketers and digital marketing jobs is increasing you should also prepare yourself for the future.