Fixation to “cannot GET /URL” error on refresh with React Router

Cannot find the URL  even after refreshing on your react router?  Don’t worry. You landed on the right page. The following article will help you with the problem. Go through our article thoroughly to find the solution.

React Router


As you are already using the react router, you know what it is. This part is for those who want to purchase react router and have no clue what function it supports. A react router is a type of router which keeps the user interface UI synchronized with the URL in which you are working on.  The react router supports java operating system and thus it got powerful features. some worth mentioning features are:

  • Dynamic route matching
  • lazy code loading
  • transition handling for location etc.

These are some of the advantages that the react router provides to the user. And thus the reason for switching to react routers.

Errors with reacting routers.

However, all devices have pros and cons. React Routers have its evil error sides as well. If you are dealing with such problems not to worry about, we will provide you with the necessary guidelines to overcome the error. But before going to the conclusion, we should be aware of the errors.

For instance, you are working hard with your device with your react router, and suddenly it stops working. This can be due to error 404 or error 5503. Even on hitting refresh your apps break. So what to do? Don’t be tensed. It can be solved easily. Problems that you might encounter while using react router are:

cannot GET/URL, dashboard, settings, play etc.

Earlier things were pretty simple and easy, but things have become more complicated due to its security issues. what happens is, the user visits your website without having any JS loaded which means he got no react router, so the server will be the first choice. If the GET request is successful, then the react router steals and tracks down your routing system.

Nothing to be worried of. These are software related problems that you will need some guidance to get it to fix.  This can be fixed easily even if you are not used to with technologies. Further scrolling to our article will overcome cannot GET/URL error problem.

React Router

How to fix the error then?

we all are dependent on the client routing, without setting up on our own. there are two ways by which we can resolve the error. and they are:

-First, we should set up both side routing that is the client side and the server side.

-try to reinstall the routing machine and do the setups again.

-request the server to redirect to /index.html which will download all the JavaScript resources and allow the router to take the necessary details from there.

Hope you can able to fix the error by your own now. Follow the steps to resolve the error. If still, you face trouble, write it down in our comment box and share the problem with us. we will guide you what mistake you did while setting up. we are here to help you.