How do HVAC Experts deal with Carbon Monoxide Leaks?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. With the approach of the winter season, you are going to use the heater. Thus, you need to keep in mind the possibility of carbon monoxide leakage. Before turning on the heater or any other gas appliance, you have been using for a long time, check thoroughly.

Besides this, you need to call an expert and let them go through the appliances for proper inspection. Releasing CO is very deadly and can have a bad impact on your health. So, let’s get to know how an expert can deal with it.

How will the HVAC experts help you out?

You need to be very conscious about the leakage of carbon monoxide. This gas is quite unhealthy and can worsen your physical health. To keep your surroundings safe, you need to contact AC Repair Dubai experts for appliance maintenance. They are well qualified and know very well what to do in case of carbon monoxide leakage.

They will inspect the furnace, the vents, fireplace, chimney and even fuel-burning appliances. They are well aware of how to handle such a situation and how to prevent any dangerous situation from occurring. You also need to make sure that the maintenance visit must be included to inspect the furnaces of the heat exchanger.

In most companies, this service is not included. So, before confirming, make sure you collect all the information and clear your doubt.

How to know about the Leakage of Carbon Monoxide?

The carbon monoxide leakage can be due to a faulty heating system or any other faulty gas appliance. Some signs are given below that will help you to know whether the CO is leaking or not. They are as follows:

  • If you see the sign of wear and tear in the furnace, that means your furnace is old. Thus, it might be possible that it is leaking CO.
  • Cracks in the combustion chamber might be another sign that the release of CO from your house is not proper.
  • If you see a pilot light often blowing out that definitely indicates the release of CO.
  • If you notice heavy condensation on the window near the location of the appliance, it means leakage of the carbon monoxide.
  • From where the CO is leaking, you will see brownish and yellow stains around the appliances.

AC Repair Dubai can easily detect these are signs of carbon monoxide being released and resolve the problem at the earliest.

Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide leaks

As mentioned above, carbon monoxide is quite deadly. You can either call experts to help you out, or even follow the steps that are given below.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide can be dangerous. It is mainly produced to burn fuel. It can show symptoms like headache, vomiting, weakness etc. A carbon monoxide detector can help you to find out any exposed CO. Many smoke alarms also act like CO detectors. Thus, it also helps to

protect your family from any risk.

Even if you have a gas appliance, then for sure you need a CO detector. You can take help from an AC Repair Dubai expert to get to know which CO detector is better, as all detectors are not the same.

Do not Use the Vent-Free Gas Fireplace

Venting is important to make sure that carbon monoxide does not reach your living space. Every appliance should have a way out of the poisonous fumes. So, it’s better not to install ventless gas appliances.

Often many people install vent free gas fireplaces, thus making your surroundings risky. Because of the vent free appliance, the CO release will enter your room. If you already have a vent, then replacing it would be beneficial. No doubt gas appliances help us in many ways, but we need to use them properly.

Avoid Unplanned Backdraft

If you are using any other appliances in front of the gas appliance, for example, a dryer, it is causing improper exhaustion. The negative pressure created by the equipment leads the CO to enter the house rather than escape. Thus, making the CO drift back into your house, even if you have turned on the fans. In such a situation, you need to create a room with high and low ventilation. Or, you can go to replace the old furnace to fix the problem.

Use of Chimney

In most houses, the carbon monoxide is exhausted from chimneys. This is because the appliances are located close to the chimney. Thus, it vents the CO, but the problem the users often face is that the chimney liner does not last forever. The exhausted CO might enter your house. Now, you can understand that monitoring the chimney liner is not that easy, and for that, you can hire an AC Repair Dubai expert for help.


These are some of the points that you must keep in mind. Releasing carbon monoxide is not good for health. Thus, some symptoms will be noticeable. The symptoms are chest pain, weakness, extreme nausea, fatigue, dizziness and even shortage of breath. To avoid all these, you need to hire AC Repair Dubai experts who have enough experience to deal with carbon monoxide leaks.