4 Methods to Fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic Not Working

Kotion Each G2000 headphones are ideal for gaming purposes. The device creates a decent gaming environment with the help of its dedicated mic. But, issues with any electronic device are just unavoidable. Most of the users of the headphones have complained that they are facing issues with the mic. 

So, the ultimate question arises, how to fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic not working? Don’t worry, there are effective solutions for that. After going through all the solutions, you need to implement them, so that it never happens again. Therefore, selecting any one solution will definitely work. 

1. Deal with the Hardware Problems

Carelessly using the headphones will lead to such issues within the hardware, where the mic fails to work. Therefore, you need to check the system, as well as the headphone very carefully. Unplug the headphones, and then re-plug them. If this doesn’t work, then try to use the headphones in another system. If it works correctly, then there might be some issues within the system. If not, then the pair of headphones is faulty and needs a quick repair or replacement. 

2. Verify the Microphone Settings 

Any type of headphones works on your system because of its internal settings. So, there is a high possibility that there might be misconfiguration within the system settings. Therefore, you need to inspect it at once. Take the help of the Run dialogue box and open the Settings (Windows 8,8.1 & 10) or Control Panel (Windows 7, Vista, and others). 

The sound menu will help you find the microphone settings. Locate the recording tab and you will be able to see the headphones icon. If it is not active, this means your headphones are in perfect working condition, right-click and enable it. You can reboot your system to save the current settings. 

After that follow the same procedure to set the microphone as the default sound output. Checking the levels of the sound also plays a key factor in balancing the sound output in both ears. Put on the headphones, and then adjust the sound by moving the balancing arrow present there. 

3. Update the Driver

Every external device is supported by a set of software, and they are generally known as drivers. Without them, the external devices will not function at all. Further, the manufacturers release updated versions from time to time, to rectify the minor glitches.

If the drivers are outdated and you are using an updated headphones version, then a driver priority clash occurs. Thus, resulting in technical incompatibility. Updating the drivers will teach you how to fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic not working. After updating the drivers successfully, restart the system to save changes. 

There are basically two ways that you can update the driver — one is automatic and the other manually. When you are having enough time, sit back, relax and update the drivers one by one. If you are too busy, then seek help from any third-party application. It will help you to locate all the latest updates, and will also update them automatically. 

4. Check the Headphones Accessibility

The headphones can only connect with the system when you allow them access. Simply plugging in and the ready-to-use concepts don’t work sometimes. To know more about how to fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic not working, you need to grant the sound access. 

The Privacy section on your computer can help you to get to the correct Settings. Now, allow access by activating the Access Toggle, this will turn it on. But, what about the application access? Yes, this option is also present there. Click on the “Allow apps option to access your microphone” option. 

Mic Errors in Gaming Consoles – What to do?

How to fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic not working on PS4? This can be an ultimate question that can come to your mind when you own a PlayStation. To avoid such a situation, visit the Console Settings, and then proceed towards the Audio devices section. 

Set the I/O devices to the headset controller. After that, make the change to the Output settings of Headphones via Chat Audio. After that adjust the volume control and the microphone level. Now, if the pair of headphones still don’t work, then the device must be faulty. 

Safety Precautions

A pair of headphones are expensive and you need to handle them with ultimate care. Of course, it has a warranty, but it doesn’t mean that you will handle it roughly. If the headphones are wired, then make sure you don’t do such activities for which the wire starts facing wear and tear. 

On the other hand, wireless headphones are very much convenient to use. But turning it on, pairing, turning it off must be done step-by-step. A little bit of malfunction can easily corrupt the internal software or the firmware. If any type of issue arises, rush towards the device’s authorized service center and its necessary documents.