5 Tips To How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast?

Creating blogs have become easy these days. WordPress is a platform that helps people a great deal in making blogs. But, the problem that arises after creating a blog is to get traffic on it. Almost all the blog writer faces the same question, “How to increase blog traffic fast?”. 

However, since you are here, you dont have to worry about it. You dont have to be a marketing expert to bring more traffic to your blog. In this article, I will be discussing some tips which are very easy to apply.

Tips For Building Your Blog Traffic

Generating traffic for your blog is not that difficult if you know what are the thing you need to follow. The tips for getting traffic for your blogs are as follows:

Make Profiles For Your Audience To Understand Them Better

First of all, you need to understand your audience and their preference, needs, and interests before starting a blog.

You will be able to create a framework for your audience if you are able to answer these questions:

1. Who is the target audience?

2. What are the problems they are facing and how can you solve them?

3. What are they interested in?

4. How do they generally try to solve their problems?

By getting the answer to these questions, you will be able to understand your audience more clearly.

To, get a more detailed picture of your audience, you can ask questions which are more personalized:

1. What are their ages?

2. What occupations are they in?

3. What are their educational qualifications?

4. How much expertise do they possess on the subject of your blog?

In the eCommerce industry, these audience profiles are called buyer personas. If you are an online store owner, then you should definitely consider this buyer persona. 

Plan Your Content Strategy by Researching For Keywords

SEO experts and content creators do keyword research for knowing what are the sentences that the customers use for searching on Google. 

The beginners generally use their best guess to decide the keyword that they will use in their blog. Since they are beginners, they cannot guess the right keyword, and hence fails to get any result.

But, if you follow the proper keyword search, then you can get many benefits from it:

1. Know the exact terms used by the people to perform the search.

2. Get unique ideas for all your different content on the most searched terms.

3. Competitors are a great source of learning. Try learning from them and make better content than them. 

4. Constant traffic from a series of pillar-content.

Now, to do keyword research, you have to put keywords in the search engine and you will automatically get more related keywords. 

Editorial Calendar

After you have researched your keywords, you then have to come up with ideas for writing blogs. In the case of beginners, when they come accross a large number of keywords, they get overwhelmed and give up. 

You have to make sure that you do not face this situation. For this reason, it is advisable to make an editorial calendar. You have to accept the fact that successful blogs cannot be written in a day. For that, you have to follow your editorial calendar and go according to your plan.

There are many tools in the market that will help you to stay on track and focus on the succesful execution of the blog. 

Given below are some tips to control your editorial workflow effectively:

1. Dont try to push yourself too hard. You can begin by writing 2 blogs in a week, and then you can gradually pick up your pace.

2. Be persistent in publishing blogs. Always be sure to follow your publishing schedule strictly. 

3. Always keep notes, outlines, and ideas for keywords on your calendar. This will enable to write good content.

4. Make use of features like categories, colors, and tags to make the calendar app more organized and visually appealing.  

Make Useful and Compact Content

Quality content is the most important thing that the search engine and the users look for. In the case of a blog, quality content will be the one having all the information necessary for that topic. These types of contents are very useful to users.

A comprehensive article is also called “pillar articles”. Some experts also call them a cornerstone articles or flagship content. 

These types of blogs are very  important. You have to choose the correct keyword and then offer all the necessary information. It is important to write more of these pillar-articles to write on all the keywords you know are important to your website.

Given below are the rules which you should follow while writing a pillar content:

1. You can write any kind of article in the format of a pillar article. For example- tutorial, a how-to-guide, a listicle, comparison article, opinion piece, etc.

2. The pillar content is different from the other content of your site. In the pillar content, you provide more in-depth knowledge on that subject. 

3. The pillar contents are evergreen. They do not depend on time and their information will be important always. However, it is best to keep them updated along with the latest information. This will help you to maintain your rank in the search results.

Always Write Readable Content

As I have told earlier that the users and the search engines love comprehensive blogs, which provide them with all the details.

However, the problem is that the attention span of people is very short. For this reason, if they find any article difficult to read, they may move to another article, even though you may have some really important information. 

For this problem, you have to make your content simple and easy so that the people do not face any problem while reading it. Following the given tips will help you to a great extent: 

1. Make the length of the paragraphs and sentences smaller. By doing this, you will leave many white spaces, which will make it easier for the users to read.

2. You can use large font-size, line spacing, and readable fonts to improve your typography.

3. Always check the readability of your content and make sure that it is “Good”. 

4. Make use of “Grammerly” to avoid any grammatical mistakes in writing.


I hope that you have got your answer to the question “How to increase blog traffic fast?”, from the article. By following these tips you will see a huge increase in the amount of traffic on your blog. By increasing the traffic of your blog, you will also be able to grow your website also.