How To Increase Website Ranking? 4 Tips For Ranking Using PBN

The question which many of the website owners have these days is “How to increase website ranking?”. PBN is one of the primary ways to improve the ranking of your website. For doing that you have to optimize your PBN so that it attracts the attention of online users. When more users will visit your site, your traffic will increase and your conversion rate will also improve. 

4 Ways To Improve Your Site Ranking With PBN

Here are ways to optimize your PBN to increase the ranking of your website:

1. Relevant Content

The number one priority for your search engine ranking is to have quality content. Additionally, quality content will also pick the interest of your users and they will visit your site more often and hence will increase the traffic for your site. This will provide a boost to the authority and relevance of your site.

To make good content, you have to follow some rules:


You have to recognize the keyword phrases which are relevant to your article and use them in your content. These are the phrases that the user will usually write to perform a search on that topic. For example- application deadline, how to apply for scholarships? Etc.

Various Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases help to get the page a better ranking. However, if there are multiple keyword phrases, which are not related, then using them will not achieve the goal of getting a better ranking. The keyword phrases have to be related to the same topic for it to work.  

But, if you want your website to rank on various keyword phrases, then you have to do it by using them in separate webpages. 

Keywords Placement

After you have chosen the keyword phrases you want to use of your webpage, then you have to consider some questions:

1. Will I be able to use the whole or a part of it in the title of the page?

2. Will I be able to use the whole or a part of it in the headings and the subheadings?

3. Will I be able to use the whole or a part of it in the URL of the page? 

If you find that the answer to these questions is “yes” then it will increase your ranking in the search engine. 


Content is the most important part of a PBN. It is the part o which the ranking in the search engine depends. You can place your keyword phrases at the starting and the closing of the content 1 or 2 times. And, 4 to 5 times within the body of the content. 

You should not forget to highlight the keywords by using italics, or bold or heading tags. Moreover, you should still make sure that your content sounds as if a human is speaking to the readers. The natural tone must always be present in your content. 

2. Long-Tail Keywords Ranking

You can do this by using a long tail, which have increased due to numerous searches over time. This will increase your website ranking without having to apply any link. 

By taking the example of a PBN regarding health, which particularly focuses on weight loss, you can do it in the following way:

1. Using the long-tail keyword, you have to find your target. The website may be small, but, due to keywords like ‘weight loss after pregnency’, it may be having a good ranking.

2. While heading to the organic keyword search, you have to find the terms which have been ranked by the website. 

3. Then you have to locate a long-tail keyword. It is the one having the minimum amount of search. After that, find longer keywords by consulting Google.

4. Create a quality article by using some of the selected long-tail keywords. You can do it very easily by optimizing your article in the same way as some money site page. This article will be of better quality than the articles of your competitors who are using the same keyword. 

3. Sharing On Social Media

To proceed with this method, you and your VA’s commitment is needed. In this process, you will be given a persona, which will interact with your customers on your behalf in the Facebook groups and pages. 

You then start by bringing groups and pages, which fits your business, in your environment. You can post your content after performing a through Q&As. This will help you to increase the quality of your content.

Here are some guidelines to post on Facebook:

1. Try using infographics. This will make your content easy to read and understand. It will also increase the chance of it being shared.

2. Always try to remain active and offer contributions before you start giving out links. This is a time taking process, but it will help to generate membership and will provide some allowances for that post. 

3. Give your users time to ger familiar with your site. Dont rush out contents.

4. Always provide high-quality content.

4. Using Inner Page Links Juice

While creating a PBN, using domains that were acquired from auctions is very common. Over the passing time, it starts to gather links and is used as one of the white hat links. These domains are redirected to our money sites after they get repurposed. 

The majority of the domains, which have been expired, loses the links to their homepage, but not completely. By creating permanent redirects from the earlier 404 pages, the link juices can be obtained from the expired pages and to the home page of your website.


So, these are the 4 effective answers to the question “How to increase website ranking?”. By following these steps for your PBN, you will be able to see great results in traffic rate as well as the ranking of your website.