To Double Your Site Traffic: Know all the SEO Tips

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization ), it is the only option to soar your rank high in Google search engine. It has enormous potential to rank your website and can be used for doubling your site traffic if worked efficiently and tactfully behind it.

According to a study, more than 80 percent of the website traffic appears with a search query.

Search Engine Optimization is a grand subject to dig in. You can make major changes and double your site organic traffic if you know the tips and tricks of SEO. What matters is your dedications and persistence behind making a good website.

Those who are dealing with SEO for years know that Google often changes its algorithms and they are not always publicly announced. So if you to make your own source and have to abide by the fundamentals and regulations of Google.

So keeping yourself amended to the new tips and tricks is very important, as those tricks can be helpful for doubling your site traffic.

Those who are new to this domain would feel that’s it’s tough to build a website and rank it via SEO IN search engine result pages. Though SEO is not rocket science you will just have to blend with its essence and use organic methods to boost your traffic.

Here are 5 SEO Tips For Doubling Site Traffic

For a high google website ranking, only keywords or good content won’t do in 2019. Thousands around the world are making mindblowing and quality content but that is just a part of SEO. You will have to be precise and maintain white hat SEO techniques to rise.

How to increase website traffic? You can take suggestions from the 5 below-discussed points.

SEO Audit – Study suggests that the first page of Google receives 95 percent of web traffic. So must know where you stand among the crowd.

Starting by auditing your site ranking is mandatory because there are billions of website registered on Google.

Seo audit can give you an enhanced result of what is right and what are the flaws your site has. 

Once you get the audit results you can start improving on what is wrong and what is lacking. Sit straight and focus to properly optimize your site. This in return can get double the traffic you are getting now to your website.

Mobile-Friendly Website – Mobile SEO is of paramount importance. Data says that 60 percent of total searches are made from Mobile devices and this rate is constantly rising. 

When Google first rolled out its Mobile-first Algorithm update, it mentioned that the mobile-optimized site will be given high preference.

Mobile-first indexing is Google using the mobile version of a website for page ranking and indexing factors to meet customer satisfaction.

There are free tools in the market to check whether or not your site is mobile optimized. 

Run a test and know the result and flaws if there are any. 

Start improving what’s need to be fixed. If everything goes well no one could stop you from driving traffic to your site.

Broken Links and Re-Direct – Broken Link building is a key factor to keep in mind. A broken link can often hurt your SEO and lower down traffic. If you have several 301 broken links your site will be ranked lower in search engines.

You don’t have to worried about redirects, it is easy to fix.

The broken link itself is a white hat technique which can turn out to be more effective with time.

It is an expandable link building strategy that really works out.

Keeping yourself amended to Google updates is must, as they introduce new updates almost every 2 weeks.

You need to connect to more and more people and increase your email outreach.

Magnificent Content – First of all, if you are an SEO, you are quite used to content writing. Content creating is an art to make the whole architecture look good. Rest will fall in place.

While writing a content you must keep in mind 2 factors which are very crucial.

One is quality content and second is keeping absolute relevancy in your content.

If you can provide useful and engaging content, it can definitely get you better traffic than before. Check the best writing format. Make sure your content is easily readable and is useful for the audience. Fascinating and engaging content gets faster recognition.

Writing content can be monotonous sometimes if you don’t put engaging stuff in your content.

Try making visual content and use of images, infographics, and even Gifs can be interesting for your audience. Make your content intriguing and use stats and facts to keep your audience engaged.

Audience prefers visual over any format. Going through long paragraphs could be dull, that’s why visual content is preferable and could make it fun to read.

High-Quality Backlinks – Link building is as essential as any other SEO tip and is said to be one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors. Link building is used to rank your website as high as possible. By following Google’s Algorithm you would come to know about how link building strategies work and how it can get you more visitors on your site. 

You need to work with both Outbound and Internal links in order to increase your traffic.

Outbound Links comes handy when you want your users to go to an informative site from your website just by click on a link. This can add value for readers and try to quote only relevant links.

Internal Links is one that takes you to another page of your site for better understanding and knowledge. Interlinking is also a key point to keep in mind.

A quality link will get you better results than quantity linking. And Panda often seeks quality links related to your website.

These 5 important tips can take you a long way and can definitely be helpful for drawing more traffic and rank your site better.

Wrapping up:

We have discussed 5 SEO Tips For Doubling Site Traffic. Learning the above-given steps practically can make you pro if you are devoted and is willing to endure. 

Go for more research and gather information on SEO. Stay amended to new updates and try these tips on your site. Keeping up with these tips could give you mileage and future success.