Local SEO Strategy: Run A Successful local SEO Campaign In 2019-2020

All the business owners have only one goal, to bring their online marketing sites at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. Getting at the top of local searches will serve their purpose well. This will help to reach a particular product within a specific geographic location.

Figuring out the process can be tricky but all they need to do is perform a good local SEO campaign. This will literally bring traffic to their doorsteps. So, let’s see what are the local SEO strategy you can follow to do a good local SEO campaign.

Tips To Perform an Effective Local SEO Campaign

Here are some good local SEO strategies which you can follow to bring your business to the forefront of the search engine result page:

Get Your Website Optimized

Optimizing your website to the local search is the most important thing you need to do. Your website should have contents which are related to your business, and the location of your business. These are the steps you should consider for making your website local search optimized:

1. Domain Name

The first thing you should consider while optimizing your site for local search is the domain name. It can help you to reach the target audience. The domain name that stands out in the search results gets more clicks.

2. Page Titles

It is the most overlooked aspect. If someone aims for a high SERP conversion, then a perfectly crafted page tile is highly required. Search engines rely on this as it can render clear visibility into the content.

3. Page Elements

The information like the Name, phone number, and address of your business must properly visible on every page of your website. The most appropriate location for putting this information is at the footers or page sidebars. 

4. Keyword analysis

The information about your business should also be included in the body of your content. You can do this by using long-tail keywords and by putting them into the content of your page very strategically. 

Apply Schema Mark-Up 

One of the most popular SEO methods of today is the use of Schema mark-up tags. The logic behind it is to make the search engine aware of the structured data which are being used on your page. 

It was reported by a trusted source that a client of their’s got a huge benefit from using Schema for their eCommerce site. 

Make Local Business Pages

In the next step of optimizing your website, you have to open your business page in popular search engines like Yahoo and Google. This will help you to gain the top spot in the local searches. 

All of your relevant information about the business must be provided within a section within your website. You have to carefully categorize them in such a way that the informations are displayed focusing on a particular keyword.

Register Your Business in the Websites for Local Listing

The listing of your business on these websites for local listing is crusial for a successful local SEO campaign. These websites are checked frequently and the search engine picks the most relevant local businesses. 

If you register your website correctly and include all the necessary information about your business, you will have a good chance at higher in the local searches. 

Some important steps you need to follow to make the process successful are:

1. Before registering your account on the websites for a local listing, you first have to check whether it is relevant and has the capability to enhance your business or not. 

2. You can improve your listings by giving information relevant to your business and contents which are informative and contains links, videos, and photos. In this way, your listing will be attractive and eye-catchy for the targeted audiences. 

3. The use of relevant keywords will also enhance your listing to a great extent. However, you have to be sure to make the use of keywords as natural as possible, otherwise, the search engine can penalize you.

4. You must make distinct listings for separate branches of your business. This will improve the visibility of your website for all the branches. 

5. To manage, secure and update your website, you can take the help of some local SEO company or some third-party listing providers. 

Provide Good Photos on Local Listings

At the time of creating the listing, it is crucial to improve your entries by using good photos. The customers who are interested to visit your place will look at the picture to get an idea about your business place. 

It will also tell them about the services you provide and the products you are offering. Giving good photos will make the customers and the providers attracted toward your business if you use good quality pictures to represent your business.

Use Local Sources to Create Business Citations

Creating citations from sources that are mostly present in your location is a major part of local SEO. There are two benefits of these citations for your efforts in local SEO:

1. When your audiences will see your business listed on other websites, they will automatically get interested and this will also give you credibility. This will help you to gain more customers.

2. When the search engines will detect your citations from other websites, it will check the authenticity of that particular website. 


These local SEO strategies can be used by those business owners, who want to enhance their business and expand customer’s reach. By performing a successful local SEO campaign, it can ultimately contribute to the SERP ranking

So, if you are one of the local business owners, follow these strategies without any hesitation.