Middle East’s Top Law Firms of 2021

Middle East’s top law firms are situated across Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. There are several prominent legal practitioners who practice exclusively in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. These countries feature prominently among the world’s top destinations for business, investment, travel, and international relations. There are many reasons why these nations are some of the most sought-after destinations. Dubai, for example, is considered the fastest and one of the world’s biggest financial centers.

The legal professionals practicing in Dubai specialize in commercial and corporate law, including transactional and offshore issues. Apart from commercial activities, they also provide services in corporate registration and corporate foundations, and issues related to labor and employment. Some of the prominent names include Taheri intermediary law, and Dubai & Dubai private equity. Bar Associations in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are also some of the top Middle East’s top law firms.

Saudi Arabia

Located in the Middle East’s largest oil-producing country, Saudi Arabia has a rich legal tradition and an experienced cadre of lawyers. Some of the major law firms located in Saudi Arabia include S Perkins, and Clarks, and others. The private sector in Saudi Arabia is growing at an alarming rate. This has made it important for the country’s lawyers to expand their offerings to include corporate and commercial matters. Clients in Saudi Arabia also require high-quality legal advice. For this reason, many law firms have set up branches in the Kingdom.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The country of Dubai is considered one of the leading economic centers in the Middle East. A leading member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Arab Emirates is enjoying rapid growth in its economy. Dubai is home to a large number of multinational corporations and other leading global companies. Many of these firms are represented by the law firm in dubai.


Situated in North Africa, Algeria is also known as the “French Morocco.” Although known for its strong economy, Algeria is considered to be a crucial player in the realm of trade relations between Europe and Africa. Many prominent French companies like Citibank and Renault are located in Algiers. It is therefore not surprising that law firms in the Arab League regularly handles cases originating from France.


Situated in the western part of the Middle East, Morocco is a former colony of France. Like Dubai, Morocco is a hotbed of international business. Some of the top law firms in the country include DLA Piper, Skadden, Baran and Gordon, and dozens more. These firms help their clients with corporate and commercial law matters. For this reason, law firms in Morocco regularly deal with international cases.


The legal establishment in Iraq is relatively recent. In addition to that, there are virtually no private universities in Iraq. As a result, most law schools cannot provide degree programs on the law. Consequently, lawyers from Iraq are often welcomed by international law firms because they have expertise in related fields. There are no professional associations in Iraq, so lawyers from this country often travel to other countries for advanced studies.

Saudi Arabia

One of the oil exporters in the world, Saudi Arabia has long been a crucial partner of the US in the trade sphere. Thanks to the kingdom’s stable government and moderate rule, there are no restrictions on trade. In addition, Saudi Arabia is highly educated and developed. That explains why big names in the world of business and politics frequent exclusive events held in the country. Notable figures who frequently appear at such events include King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, the current King, and current Prime Minister, H.R.H. Crown Prince Muqrin.