Must-Know: Crucial Pay-Per-Click Tips For Subscription Sites

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most famous strategies for online marketing. As the name suggests you have to pay some amount of money every time one user clicks on your ad or paid website link. To use this strategy you have to fix a budget of your own and then act accordingly.

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising websites like subscription-based websites gets a lot of advantages over retail-based websites. 

Now before going to the main topic, let me give you some knowledge on PPC or Pay Per Click.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a paid way of marketing online. The traffic you get on your website from the paid advertisement is not considered as organic traffic. The concept is simple, the advertiser pays the publisher some amount of money whenever a user clicks on your advertisement link.

People also use this strategy to gain a higher position in google search engine ranking. PPC is mainly linked with the first-class search engines like Google Ads or Bing Ads.

I think the concept is clear now. So, let’s get back to the point. Today I am about to give you some tips about PPC for subscription sites.

Important Tips for Subscription Sites

Now that you have fixed your budget and ready to use PPC for your website we can cover some tips and strategies for Subscription Sites.

1. It helps the user to solve problems

There are always people on the internet who are trying to find some solution to their problems. Target or bid on these types of users. 

If the user finds any relevance with the solution they are looking for with your ad, then they will click on your ad and will land on a solution page.

Try not to use keywords like, Subscribe Now” or “   out the Free Trial” as the user may feel that they are being sold something. 

Try to help them with their problem and gain their trust to grow your subscription list.

2. Use the value of Remarketing

Remarketing is a great plan to increase your subscriber’s list. The concept of remarketing is very simple. Let me give you an example, suppose you have a blog on PPC. Now a user searches some keywords that redirect him to your page. 

Now you are providing the user a solution for their question. But along with that, you can also offer the reader an option to free download a copy of a complete guide of SEO and PPC. The tendency says that the user will accept your offer and will download the file. Now this concept is called remarketing.

3. Don’t expect to be on the top

Try to go for a lower bid. Track the quality and quantity of traffic you are getting. If you observe that the rate of clicks is going as expected then raise your bids and target the top position.

4. Keep a small keyword list (initially)

If you re dealing with blogs that contain expert content then try to do the necessary keyword research. Look for the most relevant articles and set up different campaigns for them.

Campaigns for different downloads and different pages so each page will perform differently.

5. Introduce new campaigns

Once you are all stable with your incoming traffic then you can try for other dynamic search campaigns processes to get more traffic to your website. ( that is the main aim right?).

Now the thing is that dynamic search campaigns do not require any more added keywords. Once your page is ready to be published, Google scans your page and identifies which search terms apply to your page.

The Cost Per Click or CPC for these types of campaigns are quite lower and they can seriously boost your subscription rates. 

6. The Power of Branded Campaign

Sometimes some users visit your websites and read your blogs but don’t subscribe to your page. This is a common problem among all the bloggers out there. But don’t worry this problem also has a solution.

You can initiate a branded campaign in which they might revisit your website and hit the subscribe button. And you added some more subscribers to your list. But keep this in mind that your competitors can also bid on the similar search items. 

7. Implement Search Marketing

You can adjust your bids by observing the behavior of your add remarketing audiences. 

Or you can just set up separate campaigns.By this, you can show some specific ads to the regular visitors of your site. 

As ultimately Google will decide that who will see your ad then this is the perfect time to apply dynamic ads strategy to get good impressions from Google.

8. Use the Display Remarketing Campaign

Every buyer has some funnel stages, which includes awareness, consideration, intent, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy. Each stage consists of its own campaign.

Create a remarketing plan in your mind which will include the user’s behavioral characteristics and demographics and technologies.

Now, this user funnel should have Therefore the CPC budget for these users should be the highest and should have the longest membership duration of cookie storage time.

9. Bid on your competitors 

The last strategy you can opt for is to set up campaigns on keywords that are used by your competitors. 

Here you can show your creativity of portraying ads. You can offer some free stuff or discounts to your visitors so that they choose your websites.


This blog covers all the strategies that can be applied to subscription sites. PPC is a great marketing way and you can get a huge load of traffic.  

I hope that the above-  and strategies will help you with your subscription sites. You can apply these tips on your website to get a lot of traffic and I can say this that you will see the difference.