5 Best Ways to Market Your Consulting Business And Gain Clients

If you have established a new business like IT Consulting Services Dubai, you will need to market it to the potential clients. Obvious, isn’t it? What will you do with your business if you don’t have clients?

However, selling your business is entirely different from selling a car or a house. It is selling the people something they don’t even know they need. Here are a few methods you can use for marketing your business. These methods are conventional, and many IT Consulting Services Dubai prefers to use them.

Direct mail

Direct mail is a useful method of marketing your business and the most powerful one. This is because you are able to target precisely those audiences you want to reach. You create a list of the prospective clients and send them the envelopes with gits,  brochures, fliers or sales letters describing the services or products you are offering. But how can you create a mail that grabs the attention of your prospective clients?

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Personalize your message

Address each email to the recipient by name using the mail merge program. You can also send an envelope with the sales letter inside them addressed personally to them.

Compelling Message

Use powerful and effective attention-grabbing words like a limited period offer, act now and free. These words will compel the recipients to read your email.

Stress On The benefits Of Your Offer

Divulge all the pertinent details and lay stress on the benefits of your offer. This will make the recipients read and respond to your email and make it easy for them to request you for information. Add your contact details and website address into the message.

Cold Calls

Cold calling is another mostly used method of getting to the prospective clients. In cold calling, you contact prospects who aren’t expecting a sales pitch from you, and you try to sell them your service. Some people hate cold calling when they have started a new business. But it is a good idea to use a combination of techniques for acquiring new clients, including cold calling.

Successful cold calling has some ground rules. To begin with, expect to get rejected. It could be that you will get one positive answer after 20-30 rejections. Try calling people before office hours as it is time they might be more receptive. And don’t forget to practice your pitch before you make them in front of the prospective clients.


Traditional advertising is expensive hence it is vital that you spend your money wisely. You could advertise in the specialized magazines and journals depending on the type of service you are offering.

You can also place ads in the print publications under the specialty sections. Sometimes, putting a big add indicates that you have spent a little extra on it makes people assume that you are well established and well-off.


The newsletter helps you in presenting the news of interest to potential clients. It also reminds them from time to time that you exist and ready to help if they need it again. A typical newsletter consists of

  • News about the importance of the industry- Collect the information from various sources like websites, magazines, professional journals, newspapers, etc. And don’t forget to credit the sources you have used.
  • Opinions and editorials- This is your chance to express your opinion about a particular subject that is related to your business field.
  • Success tips- Tell the readers about how to succeed in their fields.


This method is often overlooked. However, this method of finding the new clients is easy. You don’t have to do much apart from your job. Once you have finished a project and your client is satisfied, ask them for referrals. Don’t put your clients on the spot. Instead, send them a note or an email for thanking them for their trust in you. And then gently ask them to recommend you to their associates, colleagues or friends who might need your services.

Using these methods of marketing your business will help you in getting more clients. This is a process where you have to continuously use a combination of these methods for being successful.