SEO vs. PPC: Truth of Digital Marketing

The debate over SEO vs PPC has grown over the years. People in this industry are always arguing over the merits and demerits of SEO (organic search marketing) and PPC ( paid search advertising.

Now the question comes is which one is better and which one you should choose to serve your purpose. 

The fact is that you will need both to serve your purpose. There are some points that you can’t deny about both, rather you can say that there are some forgotten truths that everyone should know about. 

That is why today in this blog I will discuss some facts that everyone should know about when they are debating about SEO vs PPC.

I know that there are some readers who do not know anything regarding this field and might not know the terminologies. So, initially, I will take the privilege to give you some knowledge about SEO and PPC.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process to gain more quality and quantity of traffic or rather say organic traffic (unpaid traffic) for a specific website.

Every website needs an SEO which optimizes the content, images, and videos of a website and helps the website to gain more organic traffic and organic ranking in Google search result pages without any support of paid ads or any kind of paid search.

SEO plays a vital role in creating and establishing a website. It is natural that you want your website to come in the first result page whenever a user searches for anything that is relevant to your website. Now this work is not easy and is done by SEOs.

What is PPC?

PPC is the abbreviation of Pay Per Click. It is the process of online marketing of websites where the advertiser pays an amount whenever a user clicks on their advertisement. 

Simply it can be said that PPC is the way to buy visitors of your websites. This process is totally opposite if compared with an SEO. Unlike SEO, PPC increases the amount of paid visitors visiting your website. 

One of the popular methods of PPC is Search Engine Advertising. Advertisers bid for an ad that is relevant to the keyword the user is searching for. This process helps the websites to reach potential customers at some cost. 

Some Forgotten Truths about SEO and PPC

After reading the above sections you have now understood the two subjects (SEO and PCC) and how much they are important. 

So now we have moved to the next section. As said before, here I will discuss some of the truth of SEO and PPC that are forgotten long ago.

1. Both Paid Search and Organic Search are irreplaceable

Paid Search and Organic Search both are different breeds of animals. Both are very much different from each other and one cannot substitute the other.  Both of them has their own personal strengths and weaknesses in their own fields. 

From a view of PPC, we can say that imagine a situation where the user is using a search engine to find something. The user enters a keyword and your relevant ad pops up among the first three website list. The user will click on the ad and he/she’s been redirected to your website. 

But if we talk from an SEO scenario we can say that even the highest searched organic websites are found in the middle of the list and sometimes on the next page.

In case of an SEO, if the users search for something that is relevant to your website then the user will click on your website link.

Both of these tools are very much important and useful for establishing a website and to gain more number of traffic.

2. None of them are for Free

The main concept is if you want your website to gain a good rank and if you want to get more number of traffic then you have to invest money, time and expertise. You have no choice.

People often think that PPC is expensive as you have to every time a user clicks on your advertisement. And if you have a website that is operated by professionals then you have to invest more money. 

But this scenario does not change in case of SEO. As the SEO process also takes time, money and endless effort to stand a website. 

3. You can’t consider it as a zero-sum game

People tend to think that if they will stop investing in one (SEO or PPC) then the other will compensate. But that is a very wrong concept. As the header implies, it is not a zero-sum game.

SEO and PPC can never compensate each other as both have their own importance in functionality. PPC can bring paid leads to your websites which can be very useful to rank your website.

4.  Statistics can be disappointing

I am discussing this point because in some cases there may be some misinformation arise that may cause confusion among the client and the provider. 

As an example, we can say that once a client wanted to stop all the PPC advertisement from all the websites he holds. He claimed that PPC was going through a bad site engagement as compared to SEO. And the client wanted to put all the investment in SEO.

But after an inspection, it was concluded that most of the PPC traffic was coming from call-only campaigns and as you may know that traffic gained from these campaigns are not directed to the client’s website.

Therefore you can say that if we stop any one of the processes then we will be facing a huge amount of valuable traffic.


We can conclude that there is no point in arguing about SEO vs PPC, as you will need both to run your website perfectly. Both are equally important in their respective fields. 

Still, I wrote this blog for the readers who had this topic in their mind. I think now you have understood the importance and value of SEO and PPC in establishing a website and why you need both of them to gain more traffic.