Why Video Marketing is So Powerful: Top 15 Reasons

Video has become a very important marketing tool. Reportedly, 63% of all businesses have already started using videos for their marketing purposes.

Video marketing is the latest addition in the long list of marketing strategies. It is very effective. But, some of the website owners have their doubts about it. They are still not comfortable using it as a marketing strategy.

So, let me tell you the reasons why video marketing is so powerful:

Reasons For Video Marketing being so Powerful

Let’s see what makes video marketing so powerful:

1. Boost in Sales and Conversion Rates

Videos have the potential to make a huge amount of money. If you use a product video for marketing on your website, it can improve the conversion rate by 80%.

Video also has a better effect on a person to buy a product than any other marketing strategy. It has seen that among all the customers who have watched a video on any product, about 74% of them have ended up buying that product.

It is not that surprising that video marketing works so well. A visual representation always tends to attract more attention than any other marketing strategies.

So, start making your own creative videos for video marketing.

2. Good ROI

To make it more interesting, it is seen that 83% of businesses have said that they have seen a great ROI by using video marketing. Although making videos is neither cheaper nor easier, it does provide a good return.

You can find many video making and editing tools online. They are also improving with time and hence making their process of operation easier and affordable also. Moreover, with today’s technology, your smartphones are also capable of making high-quality videos.

It is also seen that the quality of the video does not matter as much as the content. People are seen to get annoyed with high-quality videos because they did not cover all the aspects of the product. So, your first priority should be to make quality content. After that, if you are capable, then you can make HD videos.

3. Video Helps Building Trust

Sales and conversion rate, all depends upon how much does your customer trusts you. One of the aspects of marketing is to build trust among your customers.

Video is the best option to build trust for your company among your customers. It helps to evoke emotion among the customers. When it comes to video marketing, YouTubers are the most influential ones out there. So, you should try to collaborate with a YouTuber to promote your product.

For the people who feel hesitant in purchasing your product, videos are the means to omit their hesitation. Reportedly, 57% of the users have said that videos have made them trust the website and purchase the product. This is the reason why video marketing is so powerful.

4. Google’s Love For Videos

The time spent by a user in your site increases if you use videos. This long duration of staying on the site make the users trust you, and also sends the signal to the search engine that this website is a trustworthy one.

For SEO purposes, always make sure to optimize your YouTube videos. Make the titles of your videos catchy. Always make sure to include links to your website with your videos.

5. Mobile Users 

Videos have a great appeal for mobile users. It has been seen that about 90% of users use their phones to watch videos. The growth in mobile usage has been seen since the Q3 of 2013. Nowadays, people prefer to watch videos on the go. And also with the increase in the number of mobile users, you should use videos and make them optimized for mobile devices.

6. A Good Conversation Starter

Making conversation for a business owner is very important. Many face the problem of not being able to start the conversation, especially the newcomers. But, this problem is solved with the help of promotional videos.

It is seen that promotional videos, is more likely to make people trust in that product. Moreover, it is also most likely to make the people who are at home, generate good opinion about their product. Videos that are shot professionally can do the work perfectly.

7. Videos Help To Overtake Competitions

Even today not all the businesses have adopted video marketing. So, if you adopt this process, then you will be way ahead of many of your competitors. You can also make your users show something which they would not have seen by reading your blog.

8. Video Has an Appeal To a Wide Variety of Audiences

Various marketing strategy works for various group of audiences. However, videos appeal to every segment of the audiences. So, it is the perfect marketing strategy to use, and the most effective.

9. Videos offer High Social Share Rate

It is seen that a video gets more shares than a written post. So, if a business owner wants to utilize this opportunity fully, then they should definitely include a share button at the bottom of your video for sharing it on social media. 

10. The explanation is Easy With Video Marketing

When you are launching a new service or a product, you should make a video to explain it and its working process. About 98% of the customers have said that videos very helpful in understanding the product or the service.

About 45% of businesses of the business using video marketing strategy, use explanatory videos on their website. And, from these businesses, 83% of them said that the videos were very effective.

11. Video Helps Email Campaigns

Be sure that you incorporate your email marketing campaign when you are making a video. It is seen that an email having a video gets a 96% increase in the click-through rate. This serves a great method of making yourself different from your competitors.

12. A Good Way of Winning Over Lazy Buyers

People are not interested in reading lengthy posts, and the situation becomes worse when it comes to selling their product to the lazy buyers. Additionally, nowadays most of the people want to look at the object before they purchase it. Hence, making videos is the best option to win the trust of this type of customer.

13. Videos Help In Improving the SEO

Videos are a great way of developing your SEO. It is seen that about 65% of the business executive have visited a website after they saw a quality video. This indicates that a good quality video will attract the attention of the customers more effectively. By attracting more customers, the traffic and the ranking of the [age will also increase.

14. Videos Make The Users Stay Longer on Your Webpage

It is seen that for a website having videos, the customers spent 88% more on it than other websites. This happens because of all the people find videos more interesting rather than reading long and lengthy blogs. Hence, by including videos you will be able to increase the traffic and the ranking of the page.

15. Video Provides More Information Than Blogs

Written blogs are not able to provide the information which a video is able to provide very easily. You can’t explain the working of a product in the blogs, but you can do it very easily by making videos about it. When a user is able to understand the full working of a product, then he/she will be more interested in buying that product. Hence, you will be able to reach a wide variety of users.


So, from the article, I hope that you got a clear picture of why video marketing is so powerful. It will help you to improve your business more than any other marketing strategy. Because of the fact that visual representation makes people more attracted to something rather than a blog describing that thing. This is the reason behind video marketing to work this effectively.