[SOLVED] WoW Voice Chat not Working | Top 5 Methods to Fix it

The chat section of World of Warcraft (WoW) sometimes doesn’t work properly due to some obvious reasons, those are like malfunctions in the audio input devices, improper balance in the functions of the microphone, outdated Windows update files, outdated sound drivers, corrupted system (game) files and more.

As the “WoW” voice chat not working due to these reasons, you must resolve all of these issues at the earliest possible. Otherwise, it will create a barrier in your multiplayer gaming session. Thoroughly observe the procedures and perform them carefully. Hopefully, one amongst the others will definitely show positive results.

Method 1: The changes in the audio input

Without the help of any sort of physical connections, it is impossible to play any media or a game on your computer. When you are playing the World of Warcraft, the voice chat section assists in communicating with the other players. When you note the “WoW” voice chat not working, there is definitely some mismanagement in the settings.

Check whether the sound plug is correctly placed. If you have mistakenly plugged it somewhere else, then there can be improper functions in the audio part. In addition to that, check whether the wires transmitting the sound frequencies are working well.

Method 2: Make changes in the settings

The settings of the mic play a vital role in transmitting the audio. Only proper settings will allow you to deliver the correct audio output. When the WoW voice chats not working, get access to the audio input section of your computer and check whether the microphone is disabled or not.

If it is, then enable it. Now, move on to the testing section and run a testing session. After completing all the activities, launch the game once again and check whether the WoW voice chat is correctly working or not.

Method 3: Manipulate the game settings

Stop playing the game, you have a lot of work to do to activate the chat once again. As the game is already running, access the Settings. The Settings option is located just at the big Blizzard thumbnail icon. Now, move on to the speakers and microphone section to see the automatic changes that have resulted in the “WoW” voice chat not working.

If any changes took place, previously, then reset it to the factory (default) settings. Several gaming experts say that it is one of the best ideas to get all the privileges in a game like WoW. Launch the game and check whether the issue is there or not.

Method 4: Take care of the audio driver

All the driver software is the backbone of any application that runs on your system, it also supports the application functionalities as well. The corrupted, outdated, or faulty audio drivers will not let you transfer the audio frequency from the system. If all is working well, then there must be something wrong with the audio driver.

There is no need for uninstalling the driver, just install the same audio driver once again and the new files will replace the corrupted or outdated files. To save the changes, reboot the system and open the game once again.

Method 5: System updates

Downloading all the latest system files will be accompanied by updating the OS of your computer. Thus, the latest version will never pose any type of difficulties where the situation can lead to the “WoW” voice chat not working. Furthermore, the downloaded security patches will trigger the performance of the system, as well as the game on which is being played.

Just access the Control Panel (Windows 7, Vista) or the Settings (Windows 8, 8.1, 10) and shift towards the Windows Update section. You will see the option for an update, run the update and wait for the download to complete. After that, restart the computer to complete the installation.

Other Methods…

There is one last method that you can try if all the above fails to resolve the situation of “WoW” voice chat not working. Close or uninstall the game appropriately. Now, reboot your computer and install it once again. Further, check all the game settings. If necessary, make some changes according to the system settings. Now, launch the game with the correct login credentials.

Safety Tips…

To avoid the malfunctions like the “WoW” voice chat not working, you need to download the game setup file from a safe and secure website. The file format of the setup file will vary in different types of OS. If you are a Windows user, then the format will be in .exe format, and in the case of Macintosh, the setup file will be in .dmg.

These two OS are mostly used by normal system users as well as gamers. If you are a Linux user, then it is better not to play any games on this OS. The main purpose of using Linux is only for working purposes.

During a multiplayer session, inform your friends that you are facing an issue — “WoW” voice chat not working. They might put a halt to the session and can wait for you to join the game again. Apart from dealing with games or working on the computer, you must keep your system updated with current features and settings. If possible, do the manual updates. If not, seek the help of a third-party application to do it for you.