IBM Traced the NYPD’s CCTV Footage to Develop their Surveillance System

IBM is widely recognised for being the largest IT company in the world. It has made unparalleled contributions by producing high-end products. Though, this tech company no longer manufactures computers. But, it offers next-generation computer hardware and software to the users.

IBM has always aimed at improving its technology to stay ahead of the competition. Currently, this IT company is working on AI-powered nanoscopy to detect microscopic cells. Moreover, IBM is planning to introduce lattice-based cryptography in the market. With this surveillance system, entrepreneurs can prevent data breaches.

Over the years, IBM experienced severe data breach incidents. Millions of IBM client data were removed due to data security threats. From 2020 to 2021, cybercrime has increased up to 18% in this IT company. To prevent online threats, IBM has reshaped their surveillance technology.

Moreover, within a year, the number of data thefts has increased in IBM. Even the advanced CCTVs were unable to identify the susceptible criminals. To combat this situation, IBM adapted the surveillance technologies of the NYPD.

But, do you know how IBM got to know about the NYPD’s security systems? Yes! IBM hacked the CCTV footage of the New York City Police Department. Do you need more updates on this latest news? Here is why IBM accessed NYPD’s video recording:

What Kind of Surveillance Systems IBM Has Developed?

You might know that IBM accessed New York’s Police Department’s video footage three years ago. But, do you know the reason behind such an action? Well, IBM used those video recordings to build an ultra-advanced surveillance system. With these video security cameras, you can identify a person based on their traits.

According to IBM researchers, this surveillance technology can detect an individual’s exact age. Moreover, it can recognise a criminal by scanning his/her skin tone. Though IBM hasn’t yet confirmed, the NYPD might have helped them to develop this system. And, New York’s police force can also use this security solution for public welfare.

Will this New IBM-Generated Surveillance System be Worth Deploying? 

Over the years, advanced technologies like edge computing have been used in CCTVs. Moreover, the importance of AI-powered surveillance systems has increased over the years. But, certain limitations are associated with these sorts of surveillance technologies. You might not get the clear skin tone of the criminals from these CCTV cameras. So, if you are getting glitches, contact CCTV repair Dubai immediately.

Though, the latest security cameras provide crystal clear picture quality. But, technical mishaps can occur now and then. And, due to this, the identification process becomes difficult. And, for this reason, IBM is introducing a new facial recognition system. This surveillance system has already acquired widespread acceptance. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a leading CCTV installation Dubai company and get this security camera now.

Evolution of Video Surveillance Systems in NYPD

The Intercept, a popular online publication company, first talked about IBM’s surveillance system. And, in their document, they mentioned the names who are behind this innovation. After the 9/11 attacks, the NYPD focused on enhancing the city’s security.

Moreover, New York’s police department created a new mechanism to defend the terrorism threats. In Manhattan’s downtown street, they deployed 1000+ video surveillance cameras. Even the security operations were carried out in a single command room.

In 2010, the NYPD started using a new video analytics system across the city. And, it can be assumed that this surveillance system was invented by IBM. And, to use this advanced system, you have to install the software. From that video analytics program, you can capture high-quality images. Moreover, it can store videos with an individual’s physical tags. These include his/her clothes’ and eyeglasses colour as well.

This sort of video surveillance system makes it easier to deter crimes. With these security devices, the police department was controlling the car speed. Even if any vehicle moves in the wrong direction, this software sends an instant alert. Furthermore, the NYPD can trace if someone enters a New York’s restricted area.

Did the NYPD Install New Video Analytics Software in 2011?

According to the NYPD’s commanding officer’s statement, they tested a new software in 2011. Based on this system, the police force was detecting unspecified facial features. But, the NYPD never revealed much about this advanced surveillance system. The Intercept revealed, NYPD worked with IBM to get this facial recognition system.

You can even check an individual’s hair and facial colour from this device. IBM made this surveillance system to identify a person from a high-traffic area. But, the NYPD didn’t disclose any official data with the IBM agents. Moreover, the NYPD kept their data confidential during the entire development project.

Do All the NYPD Officers Have Access to IBM’s Video Analytics Program?

Some NYPD officers get early access to IBM’s latest surveillance program. In 2012, IBM released a version of this surveillance program with a single feature. At that time, this system was only capable of searching the skin tone of individuals.

NYPD agents stated that these skin tone search features weren’t considered in investigations. In 2016, NYPD stopped using this program in the critical crime evaluation processes.

Why Did IBM Maintain the Secrecy of the Collaboration with NYPD?

The NYPD suspected many leaders and stakeholders who could be a threat to the city. And, if they got to know about this surveillance system’s capabilities, they might find a way to escape. And, for this reason, IBM kept this collaboration a secret for years. IBM developed more than 512 cameras for the New York Police Department. But among them, the police department only checked less than 50 cameras. In 2010, the NYPD installed IBM’s surveillance system in their command centre. And, in 2012, the police force tested the body and facial traits of millions of New Yorkers.

In 2017, IBM upgraded this surveillance system and added a few more features. Along with capturing the close-up images, this system detects an individual’s ethnicity. When the person’s image will be captured in this surveillance camera, there will be tags as Asian or White. However, these features can be misleading in many aspects. But, it can be effective in assault cases. But, during the testing, this IBM product was producing signal issues.