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Myblog2u is an official website that covers subjects that explain various stuff about Digital Marketing and related topics. We also accept blogs and articles from guest websites. Are you interested to become an active member of our website? You are absolutely welcome here. Bring your guest post for us and join us.

A guest post will help your market grow. This is a great way of getting more visitors on your website. A guest post also encourages the creation of content. Guest posts are key to get your website on the top search results by increasing the number of clients.

People will also get to know in detail about many known and unknown subjects. A guest post provides information in detail so that the reader does not miss a point. Also, you get to give our viewers some content that we have not written about on our website but are related to the topics we deal with.

Do you write articles on different digital marketing procedures? Are you an owner of any article that deals with SEO strategies, PPC tips, and tricks, SMO tools, or lead generating guides? Then, you are the right one to connect with us through your guest posts. Write for us and let your platform get a bit wider.

What do You Get from Myblog2u?

Myblog2u is a platform dealing with various web development processes including their pros and cons and all the topics that are directly related to it. We also help you understand its importance and also let you know about the better tactics that can make you a successful character in the realm of digital marketing.

You will get to learn about various SEO strategies, various JavaScripts, Call to Action, and so on. We also make people aware of writing tips that will improve the quality of your content.

Our hardworking team members have taken this platform to a position where we get thousands of visitors every day. We provide the viewers with adequate content and that too with proper data. Our website has proven itself to the clients to be one of the best platforms to guide digital marketers.

Why do We Want Guest Post from You?

Your guest post will help you get a greater section of our visitors land on your platform. It will let them know about your website and your business.

There are a few subjects on which we do not share much content. But it becomes needful to share such pieces of information which can be fulfilled by your guest posts. You can write about those topics in detail and send them to us.

Our website accepts blogs and articles that are constructed with sufficient information and data. Your article must be a box of detailed explanations of facts, methods, and demonstrations of numerous digital marketing techniques, SEO trends, CMS and other interrelated topics.

Your guest post will make many professionals aware of your content, your website, and consequently, you at last. You will be able to increase your knowledge in the fields you are already dealing with on your platform. Your guest post may make many popular digital marketing teams pair up with your website and bring more success to your business.

Know What Sort of Guest Post do We Accept?, as we already said before, serves articles and posts that deal with plenty of digital marketing terms.

Does your website deal with similar topics? If you are looking for a popular platform for making your posts more public, we are here to share them with the world.

We appreciate articles and blogs that cover comparisons between several methods of digital marketing. Do you know any tactics or fact that is better than the rest? Share with us and let the world know and also make your business wider. You will be able to serve more incoming traffic with factual points.

Note this point in your mind the article should not be rammed up with any information plus data that does not correlate itself to the subject your article wants to convey about. Do not try to make your article look big and full needlessly.

Carry on deep examination before you sit for writing about the topic. Before you start writing open our website and get what our website deals with. Consequently, you will be able to understand what kind of posts do we want from outer resources.

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Important Points If You are Planning to Write for Us

We receive posts from each and every visitant site not being placed on any particular group of platforms. Want to write for us? Go through the guidelines listed below.

  • Do not let your content contain any sort of trips. A proper framework is mandatory for your guest post. Make it eye-catching as well as informative.
  • Use the correct spelling and do not keep any grammatical blunders in your post.
  • Generate a content free of plagiarism.
  • The practice of writing in active voice while constructing a sentence is crucial.
  • Make more stunted sentences.
  • Interlinking in your content is a very important point to recollect. Creating external links helps the websites to get more views and also let people know about the subject in a comprehensive manner.
  • With the cooperation of your guest post set the bull’s eye, your audiences.
  • Broken links including spammy content are outlawed. This is a particularly critical point you need to know.
  • Finally, remember the number of words. A standard 1000 word content is what we encourage all the time and we will charge you a small editorial fee.

Why Myblog2u Wants You to be a part of the Platform

Make your post easy and expressive. Use simple words and less complicated sentences. Your article should be convenient for the readers’ eyes.

You should have clear knowledge about each and every feature and solution you are providing. Do deep investigation before fashioning that particular topic.

Be a productive arm of the comment section as well. This is a very good way to build up a strong relationship with the readers. They will indeed grow trust in you and in your website after they get to unite with you straight up.

You need to know to take a high-level screenshot and know the process to change them into images. Make your article look better than the most by adjoining images on proper places in the article.

How to Get Connected to Us

If you are planning on writing for our website, you are most welcome. You can submit the contact us form by filling the details or email us at: [email protected]

When we will get your article, we will check if it meets all the key criteria. If it is so, then we will drop a mail into your mailbox. And, your article will be published as soon as possible.

We always feel pleased to get connected with as many websites as possible and grow the digital marketing and SEO community.