What are the KPIs For Content Marketing In 2019-2020?

In today’s world, the success of a brand depends on the online presence they have. Due to this, writing blogs is only the beginning. However, the process of creating a quality-content can either boost your website or destroy it, marketing applies a collection of different efforts and tricks.

By using multiple tricks, you are less likely to fail. Writing quality content is also a part of it. But you should not rely only on quality content. So, to generate more traffic, you have to have a good understanding of the key performance indicators (KPIs).

Important KPI For Content Marketing

With the help of KPIs, you will be able to develop quality content and also develop the marketing strategy.

The On-Page Time

It is very important for you to know about your webpages and which of them have what amount of on-page time. This will tell you which of your pages are attracting more users and which of the pages are not. You can do it with the help of Google Analytics. Then you will be able to develop your pages accordingly.

Some people may visit your website, read your contents and immediately exits your site. You have to be aware of it. This will not convert the users but will make you feel that you are getting improvement in your website due to the traffic. Which is completely wrong.

The reading speed of every people varies. An average human can read 200 words in a minute. So, you can now monitor which of the users are staying for a duration of time, which is needed to read your content.

Some of the websites provide this information to let the readers know the time they might require to read the whole blog. It is seen that people leave the website in between reading a long blog because of being too busy to read the whole blog. Giving this information makes them know the approx time they make require to read the whole blog.

Bounce Rates

It is the rate of visitors who leaves the website after going through only one page. This depends hugely on the relevancy and the quality of your content. The lees relevant your content will be, the more will be the bounce rates.

There are also some reasons other than bad quality blogs for which a user exits your website. This is a sign that there is something wrong with your website and hence not meeting the requirements of the users.

The following are some of the issues responsible for the increase in the bounce rate:

1. Your Content- You must pick a topic that will make the people interested in reading your content.

2. Speed- If your site is slow and takes time to load the page, it may cause the visitors to leave your website. Nowadays people are very impatient and want everything to happen quickly. So, you should definitely try improving the loading time of your website.

3. The Audience- You must know your audience and what they want. If you provide your audience with something they don’t want, then they will leave your site.

Pages Per Session

This is the measurement by which tells you about the number of pages visited by the average users. It will also tell you if the navigations, the calls to action, and your contents are distributed properly or not.

The best condition to find this out is when a visitor checks out some of your pages after they have found your website and then leaves. The lime for which a visitor stays on your page will let you know whether they have read your content or not.

The longer they will stay on your page, the more is the chance that they will be satisfied with your content. This will let you know whether your content is good or bad.

The Scroll Depth Of a Visitor

Scroll depth is the term used for how much down the page a visitor is going by scrolling through. The more the visitor will scroll, the more likely is that he/she is satisfied with your content. Hence, this is a good way to know whether you have quality content or not.

If you check the on-page time, you will come to know how much time a visitor spent on that page, it will let you know whether the time was enough to read your full content or not. However, if you check the scroll depth, you will come to know that at what exact place they left your site. By this information, you will know at what place of the blog you have to do the improvements.

Conversion Rates

This informs us about the number of people who converted to their customers. Making visitors into your customers is the ultimate goal for any business owner. The most appropriate way of doing this is to check the primary as well as the secondary conversions.

The primary conversations are the sales and the leads. And the secondary lead is the email subscriptions and the downloads. This measurement is very important as it will decide the chances of your success.

Traffic is not the most important thing. If you are having huge traffic on your website, but there are not many conversions happening, then this traffic is of no use. Hence you have to make sure that the conversion rate is high, otherwise, you have to improve your content.

SERP Ranking

SERP or “Search Engine Result Page”, is one of the important KPI and tells you the search engine ranking of your website. The more your website ranking will be, the more you will have the chance of succeeding.

Ranking higher in the search engine is the primary goal of all bloggers and marketers. This might not be easy to achieve but it is the indicator of how good your website is. If you see that Google is ranking your website at the top of the page, then your website is doing very great.

Speed of Your page

Your page must have good speed for keeping visitors on your page. If you find that even after you have developed your content, still the bounce rate is high, you should definitely check your website’s speed.

Your page nay also have good design, but with slow speed, you will see no result. Hence you must, first of all, fix the speed of your page before seeing into other aspects of your page.

Inbound Links

One of the best marketing strategies is inbound links. However, if this is not done properly, it can destroy your website. Hence to save your website from it, you must always check the links which are bringing in the leads and also those links which you use for linking to other pages.

Google usually ranks the pages higher which have more backlinks.

Traffic, Followers, And Social Shares

The success of your content in the world of social media depends upon the sharing and following. Every business owner have the main goal of making their brand name known to others. Social media is the best place to do it.

Returning Customers

If customers like what you are offering, they will definitely return for more. And they will keep returning if you provide them with what they want and something interesting.

It will also help you to get more traffic, and they will eventually become leads. The number of returning customers will let you know how good you are making your website strategy.


So, these are the 10 important KPI for content marketing. With these marketing strategies, you can become very successful with your blogs. However, with the wrong KPI, you can also destroy your website.

By following these KPIs, you will also be able to know the quality of your content. Where ever you will any lagging, you can go back and improve that aspect of your website.