Use Twitter as a Lead Generation: Some Advanced Secrets

Twitter is a great platform to connect to new audiences. These audiences will need a lot of constant attention. Only then they will notice your product.

You need to have a good amount of customer satisfaction elements in order to convert them from your twitter followers to your dedicated customers.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the majority of your Twitter followers are fairly new and are still discovering new things. These people will need your time and convincing in order for them to trust you. You should also include contents which are rich in education values for gaining their trust.

There are some useful tips which you can follow to lead generation on Twitter.

Increase the Number of Click-Through

It’s very difficult to predict that which Tweets will turn into leads since the conversion happens on-page.

Generally, the Tweets having the most click-through rates are the ones which are doing the conversion.

These Tweets mainly contains the following elements:

  • Attached Images.
  • 1-2 hashtags of the most trending topics.
  • Link to a valuable free resource.
  • Link present at the starting of a tweet to grab the user’s attention.

If you use all these tips and tricks properly, your social media market will increase at a great rate.

Do Consistent Posting

You need to tweet consistently because as you know, the lifespan of a tweet is only 20minutes.

The leads in social media do not search for the solution in the way the organic users does. Hence, there is a bigger buying cycle is involved.

On Twitter, you can share your latest posts, and when someone clicks through, you can grab their attention with another great offer. Then you can follow-up by providing more content and gradually the offers which will convert into sales.

You can also gain more Twitter attention by asking questions. It is a natural behavior of a person to look for answers when faced with a question, hence by asking questions you can generate curiosity among people which will help to generate leads on twitter.

Apply for Direct Message Cards

If you have a great number of followers on Twitter, you can use Twitter Direct Message Cards for an effective lead building technique.

To use Twitter’s Direct  Message Cards you have to be a Twitter Advertiser, which means you have to give your credit card information.

By allowing these ads, Twitter is encouraging users to use it as an advertising platform. Twitter can be quite effective in some small sectors like the B2B sector.

Optimize your Landing Page

Twitter itself provides some clicks, but it is your landing which will decide if these clicks will turn into leads or not.

You can optimize your landing page in many different ways. One such way is by using Alter, it is a chatbot marketing tool. This enables you to interact with a greater number of your site visitors. 

You can very easily install it on your website. After you add your user’s unique code, the bot will engage with your visitors. If you want, you can edit its messages and links and send your visitors to the specific pages of your choice.

There are also many other ways to generate leads from Twitter, but the key to generating leads is by being communicative and active. You should interact in a very organized manner to a specifically targeted user.

Always Promote Original Content 

You should always promote original content on your Twitter page. This is done by many of the leading brands.

In case of B2B sector, the content is the main object that steers the relationships. Don’t post about your latest blog over and over again in a day, rather you can start a conversation by using your blog. This will help you attract a good amount of attention.

You can start engaging by asking a question in your tweet. Apart from posting it, you can also send by Twitter Direct Message to some of your leads whom you think will pay attention to the question.

Now you have gone one step ahead of broadcasting- now you are engaging.

Gaining Attention of Leads by using Social Selling tactics

Interacting is one of the vital parts of social selling. When your Twitter followers will grow, then the potential customers, advisors, and employees will be only a simple tweet away. 

After knowing this, you will not want to waste platform by creating brands only. After you have reached this point, Twitter can act as a great sales tool. If you make your business to perform social selling, it will be a whole new way to reach out on a weekly or even daily basis. This will also make you aware of the potential prospect engagement, and what is being sent to your CRM.

Rather than using your phone to acquire the 5-12 touches with one of your lead, you should instead consider sending them tweets for bringing a lawyer into your relationship.

A recent study has shown that about 57% of the B2B IT buyers are applying social network as a part of researching their purchase decision procedure.

Twitter Tools: Must Use for B2B Lead Generation

There are some Twitter tools which help you to build your lead and also helps you in selling efforts. These tools also help you in gaining a greater insight into your audience, performance, and ROI of your Twitter activity.

  • Crowdfire App- It is a very useful tool for acquiring knowledge about your Twitter followers and connected user. It was previously called “JustUnfollow”. This was used to remove the inactive followers and the ones who have unfollowed you.

It can be very efficiently used to handle your Twitter account and manage your strategy to gain useful leads. 

  • HubSpot- It is a social media marketing module and is a great tool for controlling your Twitter presence and implement it by your overall marketing strategy. A good Twitter strategy should not be left idle, it should help you build your email nurturing, content marketing, sales automation and other strategies. 
  • TweetDeck: It is an official Twitter tool, which can be used to manage, track and monitor more than one account. You can also use it to create searches for tracking topics and hashtags, monitor Twitter lists, send DMs, and scheduled tweets in advance.


So by using these tips and tricks you can maintain a good lead generation on Twitter. With the help of these steps, you will be able to communicate more deeply with your followers. Good communication is the key to gain more followers and in the process generate more leads.