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Are you drowning in massive debts? Having sleepless nights?

Reduce your stress level with the help of StepChange and make your life debt free again.

It is a debt management or online debt advice tool designed to build a society that can lead a happy life without having to take extra loads and keep paying the debt for the entire life. 

There are probably millions in the world who are broke, or homeless or have faced bankruptcy in their life. But Step Change Debt management program is providing immense support to those who are facing a financial crisis or debt issues for the last 25 years.

StepChange charity gets the major funding from the voluntary donations from creditors and is associated with over 900 partner organizations around the globe.

How will you benefit from Step Change with your debt struggles?

The main motive of Step Change is to build and support communities which is completely free from debts and financial struggles. We run campaigns to bring change to policies which will prevent debt problem and let you run into debt consolidations. We continuously plan on how to overcome debt problems for our societies in the 21st century.

StepChange will help you with debt counseling and debt reduction plans so that you could afford to both run your home and clear your debts in easy installments.

StepChange works with debt experts and debt counselors from around the World. We have contributed to more than 650,000 people a year with their debt issues and how to solve them.

What Step Change can provide for you?

We are the only organization thinking and caring about the world living in debt poverty. Step Change will create a well-strategized debt management plans for the ones living in misery so that they can come out of their debts and live a free life again.

With more than 25 years of expertise, we are contributing to free and proficient debt advice. StepChange is very trusted due to its practical debt solutions program for everyone who is in debt. We offer a wide range of practical debt solutions that would be convenient according to your situation.

Our Major Priorities: 

Our main motive is to provide all necessary debt awareness and give you free advice on how to be absolutely debt-free.

Small or large debt doesn’t matter to Step Change, We are here to help each and everyone facing waves of trouble in their life especially debt-related problems.

We continuously help people to have a better insight into their life economy and counsel them on how to manage their debt-money perfectly.

Step Change is taking initiative for the last 25 years to educate people about different debt and financial crises and advise them on how to manage their finance.

You will have the privilege to explore all your debt options provided by our debt experts and then you choose one debt solution that is most suitable for you from every aspect keeping in mind your household expenses, your children’s education, and other essentials.

Everything you need to know about Debt 

Debt is money that you owe to a third-party and it could be a bank, a loan giving organization, a credit card provider or individual lenders. When you borrow money from a third-party and purchase on invest in something or you could take a credit card and use it to pay your bills, or buy stuff that you need without actually paying your earned money.

And when you have taken money from someone you definitely need to give it back. If you pay it back in time, then you are debt-free. But if you can’t pay the amount back to the lender, then you end up being in debt.

Different Types of Debt

 Credit Card Debt – When you use a credit card to purchase essential stuff or pay your monthly bills. Unfortunately, when the interest charges start adding to the original amount, that’s when your debt level increases. Credit cards can have higher interest rates compared to others and it can be up to 20 %.

Home Loans Debt – Taking a home loan means borrowing thousands of dollars from a loan giving company. So, home loan debt could be the biggest debt struggle you could get stuck to throughout your life. The interest charges of the home loan could add up to thousands of dollars. Home Loan interests vary from 7% – 12 % and that is quite high.

Personal Loan Debt – You could opt for a personal loan to buy a bike, or maybe invest in small business, or renovating your house or it could be anything. And taking a personal loan and ending up in huge interests is very common in our society. Most people don’t plan things properly while taking a loan or while paying it back. So, if you can’t pay back the loan amount in time, the interest rate could reach the height of the sky and you may end up losing everything you have.

Business Loans – In this case, spending money to make more money is true for many businesses out there. You may have an existing business that needs capital to expand in other areas and you could also take a loan for establishing a new business. Even if you have borrowed money to run and expand your business operation, you should plan to pay it back in time or you can turn to debt consolidation loan options and seek professional advice for debt counselors or experts. Interest for business loans could be 4 % to 8 %, but it could make a huge difference while counting the interests at the end of the year.

Tax Debt – People often forget or avoid paying tax bills, and when the tex increases they have to take tax loans to clear the existing tax amount. If you can’t pay your bill on time, the brightest option is to apply for a short-term extension that would allow you to pay your taxes within a period of 120 days.

And if it seems that the entire amount is too high for you, go for an offer in compromise with the IRS and that is how you can settle your debt for less than the amount in your bill.

Payday Loan Debt – There are a few who offer short-term loans or there are financing agencies offering solutions and quick access to cash and this can solve your monetary problem if you are in urgent need. The only drawback is that they will charge you with high-fees and you can go into deeper debt.  You should only go for this if you have no other alternatives left.

Free Advice to help you deal with your debts

We have gathered more than 25 years of experience and have mastered ourselves to help our people to have a life that is debt-free and blissful. StepChange works with an experienced debt counselor who will enlighten you on how to come out of this debt and financial crisis.

Over the years our debt experts have helped millions of people living in misery and debt. In the year 2018, we helped 6,50,000 people to handle their debt issues. We are always impartial to every member and always keep these deals confidential. We will furnish solutions based on your current situations.

No matter how small or large your debt problem is our team of experts will definitely first know what the financial situation is and then come up with solid recommendations to get you out of the debt you are in and make you independent again.

3 Simple steps taking you further towards a debt-free life

Don’t hesitate to come up with your problem thinking you would end up in more debt. We find easy solutions to make your life less stressful and financially independent. You can call us directly at 0800 046 5868 to consult with us online, and get complimentary and genuine advice to give you a clear picture on how to arrange and deal with your debts.

Connect to us and tell us about your situations

You have to connect with us and tell us in detail about your debts. How much debt you are drowning in, what kind of debt you owe, and how much is the total debt. Then we will ask about your current monthly income and our debt expert with coming up with a rational budget that would suit your everyday life and also pay off your debts eventually.

Exploring your debt plans 

Once you have had a fundamental conversation with our team of debt counselors. The next step we take is providing you with a personal action plan on what is suitable for you and your current situation. Step Change always prioritizes the client’s problem and need first and ensures you to make your life better.

Pick your debt solutions

Our team will help you from the beginning of your debt-free journey and will keep guiding you unless we see you free from your debts and start living your normal life again. There are different debt-free solutions waiting for you and they are designed according to your usefulness.

Making a difference 
Every year we assure you to help thousands of people living in a life packed with debt and financial discomfort. We will never judge you based on any situations and we respect the way you are. Whatever shape your life is in, we will give a debt-free and independent life.

Have a look at our Debt Solutions: Designed by Step Change

We always build our debt solution plans to keep it reasonable enough for you and have various practical debt solution options for you. You can check all our debt solution options and choose the one that is most suitable for your situation.

About Debt Management Plan (DMP)

In simple words, a DMP guides you to repay your debt by providing lower monthly payment models so that it remains suitable for your situation. Debt management plans help you take control of your debt with zero-fee and let you pay your debt off at affordable and reduced monthly payments.

We will continuously work on your financial streams and figure out a decent way to meet all your expenses and still pay your debts in a feasible amount on a monthly basis.

How could you benefit from a DMP?

  • Our debt management plan is available in zero-fee whereas most other organisations working with debt management program charge fees that may not be convenient at all for you.
  • After making a perfect financial monthly plan for you, you would be able to pay what you really can afford to the people or agencies you owe money and still run your home decently.
  • We make sure to make your life better than before. So, if you have pending household bills to pay, you can add the deficit amount in your Debt Management Plan to make your accounts up-to-date. 
  • You will just have to make one payment a month to us and we will manage the payments on your behalf and pay to your creditors.
  • Our team of experts will monitor your DMP on a regular basis and make sure that you are paying what you can afford and will give further assistance if you have other issues related to the program.

  How to Apply for a DMP? 

  • First, you have to find out if DMP is the best solution to your debt problems or not. You can use our online debt advice to connect to one of our proficient debt advisors and figure out.
  • After talking to you and after analyzing your situation, we will create a “personal action plan” with information about how to set it up and keep supporting you throughout the process.
  • We will take every detail about you and your creditors or money lending agencies, and establish a connection. We will discuss the plans to them and you can soon start paying your debts off through your debt management plan.

What is Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is basically a legal agreement issuing you to pay off your debts which you can afford and it also provides you with a time of more than 5. And the most interesting thing is at the end of your IVA term if you couldn’t pay any unsecured debts, it will be written off. 

You will also get an option to make a one-off payment to clear all your debts together and it is named as lump-sum IVA.

Interesting Benefits of an IVA

  • You will be able to pay your debts in a small installment that is suitable for you and get up to 5-6 years to clear your debt.
  • There is no fees related to this program before your IVA gets approved.
  • Once your IVA approval is in progress, you will be charged with a very nominal fee but that will be added with your monthly repayment option. 
  • If you want to pay all of your loans in a single installment, you can do it.
  • If after making your final payments, any unsecured debts still remain, it will be written off and the person or agency owes you will not pursue you for payments.

How to apply for an IVA?

  • The first step is to assure if an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is right for you or not. Once you have decided to opt for the IVA option, then you can connect to us at our free online advice tool and speak to our experts for further advice.
  • If an IVA is an absolute solution to your debt problem, Step Change will help you set up the whole process.
  • We will review your finances and being a legit organization serving over 25 years, we will apply for IVA on your behalf so that you don’t have to take extra stress.

The good news here is, almost 98 % of the IVA proposals initiated by StepChange are accepted by the creditors.

Want to make your life free of debt? Contact us now

We at StepChange contact make sure you get solid advice from our proficient debt advisors and get solutions to any debt-related issues you are going through.

You can feel free to call us directly at StepChange Contact Number 0800 046 5868 to get in touch with our professionals and solve your debt problems. Always furnish as much information as you can, so that our experts understand your debt-issues better and come up with a decent plan to help you out.