Why Your International SEO Fails to Work? 5 Vital Reasons

You might fall into such a situation where you are not getting absolutely any results from the strategy you plan to execute the SEO. The most important and vital question is why? According to digital marketing experts, 3 months is not quite a long time. But, there should be some or the other improvement in your SEO in this duration. 


So, you need to dig deep and find out where you went wrong and why your plans are failing. Basically, technical issues are some of the most common reasons regarding your non-productive SEO process. But leaving it aside, you need to identify the faults and recover them as soon as possible. 

5 Reasons behind your Non-Productive SEO

According to some statistical analysis, experts in this field have come up with the major 5 problems. These will create an ultimate barrier in the practice of SEO. Without much talks, let’s dive straight into it. 

1. Technical Glitches 

Most of the time, technical issues in SEO might create major problems. When you are dealing with more than one website, this problem is inevitable. There are also various types of technical glitches that can occur, such as: 

  • Improper domain structure
  • Incorrect structure of URL
  • The conflict between XML sitemaps
  • Wrong usage of tags
  • Improper penetration of cookies
  • Outdated VPN
  • Duplicate content
  • Overpowered canonization
  • Problems in navigation

The domain and URL plays one of the most important roles in the practice of SEO. If these two create problems, then it becomes quite impossible to reverse the situation back on track. 

2. Slow Website 

Your website might contain excellent materials. But, somehow when people are going to load it, it takes quite some time. Therefore, people get bored and close the website. So, you need to create a website that is easy to load. In addition to that, if your website is mobile optimized, then it will be much easier to load it on a PC as well as on mobile. 

The perfect design of your website will also play an important role in the ranking factors in Google. Access a few specific tools made by Google for the superfast loading of your website. In doing so, you will be able to beat all your competitor websites and rank higher. 

3. Improper On-Page SEO

No matter how much time and effort you give on SEO tactics, if your on-page SEO is not good, then your website will not rank. SEO tactics such as link building, blogging, and others will not give you any results. In order to place your website in the higher ranks, you need to change the quality of content. 

Furthermore, you must also change page titles and its metadata too. The metadata or meta descriptions plays one of the most vital roles in the ranking factor. The formatting of headlines must be properly done by you with a variety of multimedia contents. 

4. Fewer Inbound-Links 

The inbound links or backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO. It will trigger any SEO strategy to its pinnacle. Not only it will rank your website but also it helps Google’s ranking algorithm to create positive aspects for your website. Your website is not getting ranked because there are not enough inbound links present. 

That is why you have to create enough backlinks with perfect precision. It will not only make your content beautiful but also answer all the questions asked by the customers. The more links you build, the higher your ranking will be. 

5. Improper Keywords 

Keywords are considered as the heart of SEO. Only putting keywords and making content will not give your website higher rankings and traffic. When you don’t get enough rankings and traffic, check whether you have enough keywords present in your content. So, be a little more specific and selective in choosing keywords. 


If your business falls in the category of small scale, then always try to target the local keywords. The local keywords are mostly used over the internet. This will help people to find what they are searching for. In doing so, there will be a much greater chance to rank your website higher than any other website.